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How to test the dark mode of WhatsApp on your mobile, necessary steps and tricks

22 mayo, 2021

Dark mode may have reached a huge number of applications, but there are still some that, despite the expectations created, still do not offer it officially. Google search is one of those apps, also Facebook. But there is an example that brings together the greatest amount of expectation: WhatsApp.

Although we know what the dark mode of WhatsApp is like, and after having read a multitude of leaks around this mode, it is still far from the reach of anyone since its activation is hidden within the code. This implies that only developers can activate it; even though there are some ways to obscure the application interface.

Today we have proposed to review all the methods that exist try WhatsApp dark mode on Android. With them you can activate it, but not all of them will appear available to you.


Activate the dark theme of your mobile

Mobile Dark Mode

Google introduced system-level dark mode in Android 8 Oreo. By default it is accessible on all devices, although there are brands that do not include this option in their system settings (usually found within display or battery options). Developer options on Android 8 and later include forcing dark mode, an option that darkens some of the apps, sometimes the system layer as well. Given how heterogeneous Android is, there is no way to ensure that your smartphone can force WhatsApp dark mode.

With DarkMode you can activate the dark mode in apps like Instagram if your mobile does not have the option in the settings

On Realme mobiles, the dark WhatsApp interface can be activated by using the “Realme Lab” option, in the lower part of the settings menu (in ColorOS 6.0): putting the dark mode also darkens the applications, WhatsApp included. In Huawei mobiles with OLED screen (and a minimum of EMUI 9.1) the phone can be darkened from the “Darken interface colors” option found in the battery settings.

Dark Mode Whatsapp Forced dark mode of WhatsApp on Realme mobiles

Another way to force the dark mode of the mobile, and thereby darken the WhatsApp interface, is by entering the developer settings to find the option “Night mode” or “Dark mode”, the name varies. If by activating this option WhatsApp modifies the appearance from light to dark we will have achieved what we were considering, although this is probably not the case. Do not despair, there are more ways.

Choose a black background

Dark Mode Whatsapp 2

A trick to get a mode close to dark is choose a completely black chat background. For it:

  • Go to WhatsApp settings.
  • Enter Chats and go to Fondo.
  • Choose the Solid Color option.
  • Select the completely black background: it is the first to appear.

With this simple gesture you will have darkened the background of the chat. And, since it is what stands out the most of the application, it will seem that all WhatsApp has gone dark. It is a simple and very effective trick.

Simulate ROOT with VMOS

Vmos Root

Let’s get into the matter: with the following tutorial you can try the true dark mode of WhatsApp on your Android mobile. It is somewhat cumbersome and requires several tools, but it works without any problem. And the best thing is that you do not need to put your phone at risk by rooting it since we will serve VMOS, an application that virtualize an Android within another Android. It is not the best to have it always active, but it will help you to see what the dark mode of WhatsApp is like. The real one, the one that the developers are testing.

VMOS: a simple Android virtual machine within Android to have two copies of an app, use root and more

VMOS is an application that is no longer in Google Play, so you have to download the Apk. In principle it is safe and all the permissions it asks for are the logical ones (a full Android 5.1 must boot into your phone, so you need all the data to do it), but remember to exercise caution. Since it is a cumbersome process, it is probably not worth doing.

VMOS is an application that virtualizes an operating system. For this you need access to the location, the phone and storage, among others

To activate the dark mode in WhatsApp with VMOS you have to do the following:

  • Download VMOS in Apk from its official page. Install the app.
  • Download and install WA Tweaker: it is an application that allows you to activate functions in development within WhatsApp.
  • Start VMOS and wait for the virtualizer to fully load. This app needs a smartphone with some power since emulate an Android inside your mobile, to the Matrioshka.
  • Go to the VMOS settings and scroll down to Phone information. Press the build number ten times and enter the developer options.
  • Activate ROOT. Remember that in this way you root the Android you are virtualizing, not your mobile: everything you do in VMOS stays there.
  • Restart VMOS for the ROOT on the virtualized Android to take effect.
  • Go back to the VMOS Android desktop and click on the lower yellow icon, the folder icon.
  • You will see that all the applications installed on your phone appear. Click on WhatsApp and WA Tweaker and then on Import. VMOS will create a copy of those applications on the virtualized Android.
Dark Mode Whatsapp
  • Go to the VMOS desktop and find the WA Tweaker application. Open it and accept the Super User permission.
  • Find Activate dark mode and click on the activator. You should already have the dark theme available in the WhatsApp of VMOS.
  • Open the WhatsApp of the virtualized Android and configure it with your account. Remember that, although the application is on your mobile, it is duplicated (you can use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time).
  • Enter the WhatsApp settings and you will see that the Theme option appears. Activate dark mode and you’re done.
Dark Mode Whatsapp

This method is quite tedious, but it works on almost any Android. You can have the virtual machine turned on, but remember that this process will consume more battery of your phone. Our recommendation is that you try the dark mode and return to your current WhatsApp waiting for the application to activate the theme officially. In addition, you can test the rest of the hidden options of the application thanks to WA Tweaker.

Root your mobile

What about VMOS did you think is excessive? The truth is that it is like this: it is a long and tedious process to access a simple curiosity. However, if you want to do without the virtualizer and continue accessing WhatsApp’s dark mode, you can ROOT your phone and unlock the black interface using WA Tweaker. You even have access to the rest of the hidden options of the application: you just have to activate them from WA Tweaker.

Wait for WhatsApp to officially activate it

After having tried it, we can confirm it: WhatsApp’s dark mode is almost completely finished. We do not know how long until it is accessible to all, but it should not take too long. So maybe it’s more sensible wait instead of fiddling with complex tutorials. Or you can go to Telegram, which does have dark themes accessible to anyone.