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How to track flight prices with Google Flights

22 mayo, 2021

When we go on a trip we always want to pay the lowest price for the hotel and for the flight, so we turn to search engines and price comparators to find the best deal.

Air ticket prices fluctuate the most, so you have to be very attentive and know what dates to book in order to find cheap flights. To know when is the best time to book, you are interested in making a price tracking, and here Google Flights can help us.


Track prices


Google Flights It is the flight search engine that we can access by searching Google for the word “flights” or by entering the address There we can search for any flight by writing the destination, the origin, the number of passengers and the dates.

The search engine will help us find the cheapest flight on your calendar, showing the price we will pay for each date. But the most interesting is his price tracking.

If we have to travel on a certain date when selecting the flight we can activate the option Track prices. This option will allow us to see the price fluctuation of those flights to see if the price drops or starts to rise.

Price history

Flights 3

In the tab Tracing We will see all the trips that we are following. There for every flight We will see if the price has gone down or gone up next to his price history, which allows us to see if each day that the flight passes is more expensive or cheaper, or which days of the week it is cheaper.

Price alert

Google Flights

By activating price tracking we will receive an email with an alert informing us that the price of a flight has changed. Also in the Google application we will see a card on our board informing us the current price of the flight together with its difference.

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