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How to translate the text of an image on Android

23 mayo, 2021

The Google translator allows you to use the mobile camera for many years and the function was recently renewed with the necessary face lift in instant translation. However, you can not only translate with the camera: you can also translate text included in images.

If you have an image with text in a language you don’t know, on Android you have not one but two ways to translate the text. We will see below how to achieve this with both Google Translate and Google Lens.

First of all, you will need have the image saved on mobile. Therefore, if it is an image on the Internet, first of all you will need to download it to your mobile (in Google Chrome and most browsers, this is done with a long touch and choosing Download image).

With Google translator

To translate the text of an image with the Google translator you must follow almost the same steps as to translate from the camera. It is not mandatory but it is recommended that choose the language of the text, since automatic language detection fails in texts that include words in other languages.

For the rest, tap on Camera, ignore the preview from the camera and instead tap on to import. Then you will have to choose the image you want to translate in the Android file selector.


The translation of images works the same as that of the camera, although does not work in real time. That is, the translation is not replaced over the original, but you must select the text fragments that you want to translate with the text. If it is a short text, you will see the translation above. For longer texts you must touch to enlarge the boxes.

With Google Lens

Google Lens uses the same translation technology as Google Translate, but has the advantage that in this case the translation is done on the image itself, which can be easier to understand in complicated compositions like tables or lists.

Google Lens: what it is, how to install it and everything you can do with it

To translate an image in Google Lens, you must first open it in Google Lens. You can do this in several ways: by opening the wizard, tapping Lens and then the image icon, or from Google Photos, opening the photo and tapping on the Lens icon.

Treaduce me

Google Lens introduced different modes in the middle of the year, and the first mode selected may not be the translation mode. If this is the case, tap on its icon and choose the Translation mode. In this case, the translated text is displayed over the image, unlike in Google Translate. If you have detected the source language wrong, you can change the languages ​​by tapping the button at the top of the window.