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how to troubleshoot video drivers

25 mayo, 2021

One of the most common problems that arise in the life of the Windows user are those that have to do with drivers, and although with Windows 10 these are not even a fraction of frequent than they were in other times, they still generate more than a headache, especially those that have to do with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio drivers, and those of your GPU.

If you have problems with the drivers of your graphics card, whatever the brand, NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel, with this small tool from Wagnardsoft it is very likely that you can solve them. Its name is Display Driver Unistaller or DDU, and it works miracles.


More than an uninstaller

Troubleshoot Video Drivers

Although its name seems to indicate that the only thing this tool does is uninstall video drivers, is more than that. When we have problems with the GPU, whether there is some artifact in the image, the games do not perform as they should, the screen flickers, the applications are blurred, we suffer blue screen of death, etc. The fault is usually with the controller.

The logic would indicate that updating the driver, or uninstalling and reinstalling it, should fix this, but this is not always the case. There are times when the Windows registry acts a bit silly and there are traces of the problematic driver that no matter how much you uninstall, or disable again and again, they continue to bother.

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This is quite common with buggy updates, or when you change your GPU for a new one and the old driver does not stop creating conflicts. If you’ve already tried everything to fix your video problems, you need to try DDU before giving up, or go for drastic things like formatting or blaming the faulty GPU itself.

How to use

DDU is a portable application, that is, it does not need installation. You can download the latest version from its announcement page on the official forum. DDU is free, and your team accepts donations or patronage through Patreon.

Ddu Exe

Once you have done the download you just have to run the package to extract all the files. Inside the DDU v18.0.2.2 folder (or the version you have downloaded) you will find an executable called Display Driver Unistaller.exe.

Double click on it, accept when Windows asks for permission to run it, and you will see a window with the tool’s interface. DDU will warn you that it is better to use it in safe mode, but you can still try to fix your problems in normal mode before going to safe mode.


On the right is a drop-down menu for select device type. You can choose audio or GPU. If you choose GPU, you will be able to switch between NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.

Once you have chosen, simply click on Clean and reboot, which is the highly recommended option. If you are changing graphics card, click Clean and shut down, change the GPU, and then turn on the computer again.

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With that couple of clicks the chances that all your problems have been solved are highly high. But if not, try running the tool in safe mode.

You can then install the official drivers for your GPU again, or let Windows install them automatically. If this is what’s causing you trouble, It is recommended to disconnect the internet before running DDU to prevent drivers from installing automatically after reboot. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the updated drivers already downloaded on hand to install after cleaning with DDU without having to connect to the internet immediately.

DDU has many advanced options to try to solve the problems that are more difficult. You can read the full guide on their support page, however the main recommended option is quite effective.