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How to turn Chrome notifications on and off for Android

24 mayo, 2021

Almost four years ago the push notifications to Chrome for Android, and since then rare is the day when we do not see when navigating the pop-up window that such a site wants to send us notifications.

Chrome push notifications are very practical if we have replaced an Android application with its web version, such as Twitter or Facebook, but in most cases we tend to reject web notifications, thus that notice usually bothers. Luckily it can be disabled. Next we tell you how to manage Chrome notifications for Android.

How to disable automatic login for Chrome for Android

How to manage website notifications

Chrome notifications

By default Chrome alerts us every time a website wants to send its push notifications to our Android device, showing the permission in a pop-up window, which we can allow, block or discard (by touching the back button).

Website notifications are managed from Settings> Website Settings> Notifications. There we will see the websites on which we have blocked and allowed your notifications.

Chrome Notifications

By tapping on a website from the list we can allow or block its permission or erase and reset the settings of that web page so that we will ask for permission again in the future.

How to disable Chrome notifications

Chrome Notifications

If what we want is for no website to ask us for permission for notifications again, what we have to do in Settings> Website Settings> Notifications is to disable the option Notifications. From that moment on, no web page will be able to ask us for this permission. Websites that we have allowed in the past can send us push notifications.