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How to turn your Android into a remote control

25 mayo, 2021

You have your mobile almost always at hand, so why not use it as a remote control to control TV, radio or almost anything else with a remote? Thanks to advances in technology – and others that have been with us for literally decades – your mobile is the closest thing to a universal remote control.

We will see how you can use your mobile as a remote control, whether it has an infrared port or not. Not sure if your mobile has this sensor? We will also see how you can find out.

Infrared: yes or no

A 2003 Nokia had an infrared port, but does your current phone have it? Although the sensor underwent a certain period of rebirth in 2014, today only a few brands still include it, mainly Xiaomi and Huawei.

Unlike other technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC, the infrared port needs to be exposed and It is visible, so it shouldn’t cost you to find it on your mobile. Of course, keep in mind that sometimes its appearance is so discreet that it can go unnoticed, as in the following image, where you can see the infrared port of the Xiaomi Mi A1.


If your mobile is dark or you do not have it in front of you at the moment, there is a simple way to know if it has an infrared port or not. Application developers using this port make their applications compatible only with models with this port. In this way, you can open applications such as Remote TV in Google Play and see if it allows you to install it. If not, your phone probably doesn’t have an infrared port.

TV remote Galaxy S4 Mini has infrared. Galaxy A5, no.

If you want a more conclusive proof, you can install a remote control application you need infrared port, such as AnyMote Universal Remote. The first thing that comes out when you open the application is a warning that your mobile does not have an infrared port.


Does your mobile have no infrared? Nothing happens. More and more televisions and devices make use of other technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so you can control them remotely, as long as they are Smart TV.

If your mobile has infrared

Miremote Mi Remote, Xiaomi’s remote control app

If your mobile has an infrared port, you have countless applications at your disposal to control not only televisions, but also practically any gadget that has a remote control. All you need is an application that is preconfigured to send the correct codes.

The 21 best apps for Android TV

Generally, when a mobile phone includes the infrared port, it also adds its own application to make use of it. Xiaomi includes Mi Remote in its phones (which you can install on other mobiles) and Samsung included Peel Remote in its day, but if you can’t find it on your mobile or the application that you have pre-installed doesn’t convince you, lots of alternatives on Google Play.

Command AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote It is one of the most popular remote control applications and it is easy to understand why. The list of supported devices is endless, including televisions, consoles, TV Boxes, projectors, cameras, speakers.

The operation is very simple, because you only have to find your device in a list and test if it works. The application itself makes it easy for you to try different configurations in case it doesn’t work. When you have it, you can keep the device to always have it at hand and use your mobile as a remote control.

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control 4.6.7

  • Android version: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Color Tiger
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

If your mobile does not have infrared


If your mobile does not have an infrared port you can still use it as a remote control, although you are almost completely exposed to the specification that each manufacturer and for each device have made of this. Therefore, it is best to use the official application of the brand or device.

Here we must warn you that some brands do not quite clarify about it, as is the case with Samsung, which has been making us dizzy for years first with Quick Connect, then Smart View, Samsung Connect and finally SmartThings. These are the official applications to control the main TV brands.

For Samsung TVs


The umpteenth interaction of the Samsung TV remote control app is SmartThings. It is a complete app for the entire Samsung smart ecosystem, in which the televisions are also located.



For Sony TVs


The old televisions Sony Bravia They use the SideView app to turn your Android into a remote control. If it is a new model with Android TV, then see below the generic list with the application for Android TV.

Video & TV SideView: Remote

Video & TV SideView: Remote

For LG TVs


If your TV is LG, wait because you do not have a remote control application, but three applications, depending on the model. LG TVs released in 2011 must download LG TV Remote 2011, Smart TVs that were sold in 2012 onwards must install LG TV Remote and TVs with WebOS from 2014 onwards require LG TV Plus.

LG TV Remote 2011

LG TV Remote 20112.3 (2013.01.07)

LG TV Remote

LG TV Remote5.4

LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus4.0.0

For Philips TVs


Philips TVs need the brand’s TV Remote application to control TV from mobile, with some advanced functions such as the program guide or the voice control. It is compatible with models from 2014 onwards. 2013 and earlier models are controlled by Philips My Remote, which is no longer on Google Play (here’s its APK).

Philips TV Remote

Philips TV Remote

For Sharp TVs


Sharp TVs have at your disposal Sharp Smart RemoteAlthough it has not been updated for a few years and the reviews it has on Google Play are not very flattering. If it is a TV with Android TV, you can use the generic app that we will see below.

Sharp Smart Remote

Sharp Smart Remote

For Thomson and TCL TVs


Although it does not put it anywhere, the official application to control Thomson televisions from Android receives the generic name of TV Remote by TCL, which is in charge of the Thomson TVs in Europe and the United States. In models with Android TV, you must use the generic app that we will see below.

TV Remote

TV Remote

For Panasonic TVs


If you have a Panasonic TV, the application you should use depends on the TV year of manufacture. Models 2011/2012 need the Panasonic TV Remote app, while those models of later years need Panasonic TV Remote 2. As if that weren’t enough, Android models released from 2011 to 2018 use Panasonic TV Remote 3.

Panasonic TV Remote

Panasonic TV Remote

Panasonic TV Remote 2

Panasonic TV Remote 2

Panasonic TV Remote3

Panasonic TV Remote3

For TVs with Android TV


On televisions with Android TV you can use the generic Android TV Remote application. It is not as complete as other similar applications, but it is functional and is an easy way to write on TV, using a virtual keyboard on the mobile.

The Android remote control application has not been updated for too many years and things as basic as it have are missing buttons with numbers, but it is still functional today for navigating the interface or typing.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control

For other TVs


If your TV is not from another brand, the official application does not work for your model or it is simply a disaster (which is possible, since some are quite bad), you will always have the generic applications compatible with many models.

The same AnyMote that we recommended if your mobile has an infrared port also includes compatibility with some smart devices via W-Fi, although you will probably have better luck with a specialist like SURE Universal Remote, who boasts of being compatible with more than a million devices.

SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Remote4.14.98