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How to update apps on Android

24 mayo, 2021

You’ve probably heard more than once that it’s important to keep your applications updated to the latest version to access the latest features and have the latest patches and bug fixes. However, How do I update applications on Android?

If you have just arrived on Android and you do not know very well how the subject is going, here we will give you not one, but four ways to update apps on Android, so that you can choose the one that suits you best in your specific case (the first is the most normal in the vast majority of cases).

On Google Play

Virtually all Android phones come with Google Play pre-installed. This is the official Google store and, although it is not the only store available in the operating system, it is the main and the largest.

Google Play checks for updates on its own, so you’ll know that updates are available by notification. Anyway, if you want to check for updates manually, you must open Google Play, open the menu and enter My apps and games. There you will see if there are updates at that time, and you can force a search by tapping on the arrow icon.


If there are updates, you have two options. Or you press Update all and you wait for all of them to be updated, one by one, or you tap on the button To update next to each application to only update that specific app.

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In Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung mobiles include their own store in addition to Google’s: the Galaxy Store, which was formerly known as Galaxy Apps. Although Google Play will help you update the vast majority of apps on your Samsung mobile, there are some specific Samsung apps that only update from the Galaxy Store, such as the Samsung Pay app.

Updating apps in the Samsung Galaxy Store is similar to how it is done in Google Play, although the menus are somewhat different. You must first tap on the menu button to enter My page. Inside you must go to To update, which will appear with a number next to it if the store has detected that there are pending updates.

Update samsung

Otherwise, the process is exactly the same as on Google Play. If you want to update only certain apps, you must touch the button with the arrow next to each application. If you want to update them all, press Update all.

In Huawei App Gallery

Just like Samsung has the Galaxy Store, Huawei has the Huawei App Gallery. It is a store that aspires to replace Google Play in case the US government’s veto to the company is not satisfactorily resolved, although it is still a bit green.

Updating applications in Huawei App Gallery is relatively fast, as it is very handy by entering the section Management, on the bottom bar. In fact, if there are updates, it will be shown with a small red circle to indicate it.

Update huawei

From this window you can now update the pending applications, although if you want to obtain more information and have them all in a single list, you must tap on Updates. Then tap on To update next to each app that you want to bring to the latest version or in Recommended updates, to update all.

From an APK

Updating apps from a store is the easy way, but you can really do the same from its APK. The main problem here is that you must manually check which version you have and download a higher version.

There are several ways to know which version of an application you have installed, although one of the simplest is to do a long touch on the app until the floating menu opens. In it, tap on the button application information and the version should appear below (or above, depending on the version and layer of Android you have).

Android version

Then it’s your turn download the APK of a higher version in an online repository such as APKMirror, UpToDown or similar. The matter is somewhat complicated because you need to download the exact variant for your mobile, otherwise it will give an error. After downloading the appropriate APK file and with the latest version, installs like any other app.


When trying to install an application that is already installed from its APK, the dialog box already warned you that will be installed as an update. This can only be done with higher versions. To install an older version you need to uninstall the app in question first.