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How to update Facebook for Android

21 mayo, 2021

If you want to make sure that you have all the Facebook news activated in your account, it is important that you make sure you have the latest version. Today we’ll see how to update facebook for android to the latest version available.

Although it is common for the Facebook application to come pre-installed and it is also common for it to update itself, sometimes you may have problems updating it. Today we will see how to update Facebook both from Google play What downloading its APK official.

From Google Play

Updating Facebook from Google Play is the easiest way and therefore the recommended one. What’s more, if you have automatic updates activated, you don’t even need to do anything, because Google Play will take care of everything. To make sure, open Facebook on Google Play (you can do it automatically with this link) and check Auto update


For the rest, updating Facebook from Google Play is as simple as pressing the button To update the next time the option appears on Google Play. This will download and install the update without you needing to do anything else, and it usually takes a few seconds to complete.

Yes The Update button does not appear, but Open, this generally means that you already have the latest version and therefore no other update is available. However, it could be the case that there is a new version for Google Play that has not yet refreshed the list of apps with updates. To do so, go to My apps and games and then tap the button to search for updates.


If it still does not appear that there are Facebook updates available, that is that you are already using the latest version. Sometimes updates take hours, days or even weeks to spread to all users, so you will have to be patient or read on to install the latest version of Facebook from its APK.

From your APK

If the previous method has not satisfied you, you have a problem with Google Play or your mobile does not have Google Play, another method at your disposal is download and install Facebook from its APK. You don’t need to go to third-party pages like APKMirror, Facebook itself offers you the APK.

To download the latest version of Facebook from its APK, you must visit this web address. Press the only button available, Download, and the download will start. I recommend that you do it directly on your mobile, to avoid the step of copying the APK from your PC to your mobile.


This APK is universal, so It should work for any Android device regardless of its architecture and DPI. The Facebook APK keeps getting fatter in size, so you better make sure you have Wi-Fi. The latest version at the time of this writing was 70 MB.


Wait for the download to finish and then tap on the file to start the installation. You can do this from the notification itself that informs you when the download has finished, as well as from the browser, in the downloads section. Then proceed to the installation and, in case you need it, activate the installation from unknown sources. You can see how it’s done here.

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