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How to update Fortnite on Android to play the fourth season

27 mayo, 2021

The fourth season of Fortnite is here, although not for everyone. Since the game was removed from Google Play and the App Store, the game does not update itself for those who downloaded it from Google Play, so that it is not possible to access the content of the new season. Luckily, on Android this has a solution.

In order to continue playing Fortnite on Android with access to all the news and updates, it is necessary switch from the Google Play version to the Epic version. It is really a very simple process and it is almost the same as installing it from scratch.

Where is your Fortnite from?

If you don’t remember where you installed your Fortnite from, it never hurts to check it. In many Android phones, you are shown where you have installed an application or game from. To do this, you must go to Settings> Applications and tap on epic launcher. There you should be able to see if you installed the application from Google Play, App Gallery, Galaxy Store or “Package Installer” (from its APK).


This is important because you don’t need to do anything if you installed Fortnite from the Epic website. You will only have to follow the steps below if you installed Fortnite from Google Play in the period of one year that it was available in the Google store.

If you installed Fortnite from the Samsung store or from the Huawei App Gallery, you don’t need to do anything either. However, you may be interested in switching to “the Epic version”, to avoid potential problems in the future if the game were also removed from these stores.

Update Fortnite on Android

If you installed Fortnite from Google Play, you will have to switch to the Epic version. Considering that it is a game where all your settings are easily recovered when you log in with your account, the easiest thing is uninstall Fortnite from Google Play and install it again from the Epic website.

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Uninstalling does not have any complications, as it is the same as in any other application or game. In each layer of customization the process can be a little different, but generally with a long touch on the icon you should see a trash button to uninstall the application. You shall uninstall Epic Games (the installer) and Fortnite (the game).


Now without a trace of Fortnite from Google Play on mobile, it is time to install Epic version. The process hasn’t changed since Fortnite for Android was first released – you’ll need to go to the Epic website to download the Epic installer. Keep in mind that you must give the browser permission to install applications from unknown sources.

Step 1

The next step is to open the Fortnite installer that you just installed, where – if your mobile is compatible – you can download the game again. To do this, press Install. Again, you will need to grant permissions to the Epic Games installer so that it can install apps from outside of the Google store. When done, open the app.

Step 2

The first thing the Fortnite game asks us to open it is permission to access the contacts and the microphone. Then comes the time to log in with your account. Afterwards, you will have to download the bulk of the game, which currently occupies about 8.5 GB. It’s a lot of data, so it is highly recommended that you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Switching from Google Play’s Fortnite to Epic’s Fortnite is a somewhat boring process, as you have to re-download the entire game, but at least you only have to do it once. Since then, you will receive updates directly from their creators, without interference from possible problems with stores like Google Play. In summary, this is the process to update Fortnite on Android to be able to play the last season:

  • Uninstall the Epic and Fortnite launcher

  • Download the Fortnite installer from the Epic website

  • Install the Epic installer

  • If necessary, give the browser permission to install applications from outside the store

  • Open the Epic Installer

  • Tap on Fortnite and then Install

  • If necessary, give the Epic installer permission to install apps from outside of the store

  • Install Fortnite

  • Open Fortnite

  • Login with your account

  • Press Download to download the game on mobile