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How to update Google Play Services or install it from scratch if your Android does not have

22 mayo, 2021

Any Android mobile consists of a series of basic applications. Most of them we can see, such as the Phone app, SMS, Contacts or the services offered by Google itself: GMail, Google Maps, the Google Play application store … However, there are some that work in the background and that we do not see, but that they take care of very important aspects.

The most important piece that works behind the scenes is Google Play Services. He’s always there, in the background, managing various tasks and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Is he elementary pillar that unites a lot of applications and services, and therefore, it must be constantly updated. If you do not know what it is, we will explain it to you, we will show you how to update it and we will show you its installation process on those Android phones that do not come standard.

What is Google Play Services and what does it do?

Play services

Google Play Services is an application that is responsible for articulating multiple elements on any Android device. When installed, this app takes care of offering all the functions that Google includes in its applications so that we can access them from any app that needs it.

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It is always in the background, so we never interact with her directlyBut every time an app uses a library that depends on Google Play Services, this tool shows us the information.

Why is it not directly integrated by the app developer so that we do not depend on Google? Very easy. Using Google Play Services has benefits for both users and app creators. For us, as consumers, it means that we can enjoy a lot of features and new features without having to depend on OTA updates that each manufacturer sends.

Google Play Services is the tool that allows you to put some order between the different versions of Android and that in many functions no user is left behind.

This does not mean that we can incorporate everything new, but the essential can. For developers, using Google Play Services means that they don’t have to spend time and effort reviewing your app every time Google makes a change, as long as the call to the library is there, it will continue to work without problems. Today, Google Play Services is the glue that helps any Android device with a version higher than 2.3 Gingerbread not become obsolete every time Mountain View makes a change in their services and applications.

Updating Google Play Services

Google Play services

Google Play Services can be found within the Google application store, but unlike other apps, she updates herself and we do not have to be aware that the latest version is downloaded or not. It may be the case, although it is very unlikely, that it is not like that, but for that there is also a solution.

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Enough with search for “Google Play Services” in the Google app store so that this application appears in the first result. You can see how it looks just above these lines. In two steps:

  • We open Google Play and search for “Google Play Services”.
  • If the ‘Update’ button appears, it means that the app is not up to date, we click on it and wait for it to download and install.

If the application is not up to date, we will see that a button will appear telling us to update. We click on it and in a matter of seconds it will download and install itself in our terminal. As you can see, it is very easy and has no mystery. If you notice at any time that an app that depends on Google does not work well, the problem is probably here.

What if my Android doesn’t have it installed?

Play services

It may happen that our Android mobile does not have Google Play Services. Typically, manufacturers pay a fee to include Google apps on their mobiles, but there are those who prefer not to and serve their device with other alternative apps for various reasons (for example, that Google tools are not in that country, such as China).

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If we have a mobile from any large manufacturer, we will not have to worry, since it will come pre-installed as standard but if we have obtained a terminal in China and it is from a little-known brand, we have many ballots that it does not come with pre-installed Google apps.

In fact, that’s the fastest way to see if a mobile has Google Play Services installed as standard or not. If you do not have Gmail, Google Maps or any other app of yours, it means that they have decided to do without it. So does it mean that I can’t use my Google account? No, there is a solution.

If we buy a mobile from a little-known Chinese brand, we have many ballots so that it does not come with Google Play Services pre-installed.

Fortunately, on Android there are several secure repositories who are responsible for uploading copies of the free apps on Google Play. APKMirror is the best known and one of the most reliable. As Play Services is free, you also have a copy on this page and we can download it:

Downloading and installing these two apps, we can now connect our Google account and start downloading all the apps from the official store without any problem. Although there are manufacturers who prefer to do without them, it is possible to configure everything the same and to work without any problem.