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how to update it and test its novelties

26 mayo, 2021

Google Chrome makes an appearance in many of today’s computers and smartphones. As is usual with browsers, for security and improvement reasons, updates are constant, so it may be a good idea to know how force an update in Google Chrome, in case there is a new version available and it has not been installed to us.

Despite being a simple process, there will be those who do not know how to update Google Chrome on their device, so it is necessary to explain the methods, as well as give some recommendations for test what’s new in Chrome before they hit the stable release.

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How to update Google Chrome on PC


As a general rule, as Google explains, Chrome updates to the latest version in the background. In other words, you usually don’t have to do anything on your part to update the browser, as it updates without you even realizing it. However, an update may be available and for some reason it has not been installed on your PC. In these cases, we can always resort to looking for the update manually.

To do this, we only have to follow the following steps, in the order that we indicate.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Press the plus icon, indicated by three vertical dots
  • If there is an update available, the icon will appear in green, orange or red, depending on how many days the update has been pending
  • Click on the option ‘update Chrome’

If you have not updated Chrome for more than two days, the ‘plus’ icon will appear in green, if it is four days, it will appear in orange, and if the update has been pending for seven days, in red. If you don’t have the icon of any color and you don’t see the option to ‘update Chrome’, it is because there is no update available.

Sometimes Google Chrome can’t find updates and doesn’t show them. However, we can force the search for updates in a matter of seconds

This method is the one indicated by Google, but it can sometimes fail. In our case, we recommend check for update manually from the browser itself. To do this, we just have to go to ‘help’, and ‘information about Google Chrome’. In this section you can see the version of Google Chrome that you are using, as well as force it to search for new versions.


In our case, in the process of making this tutorial, we have skipped a new update using this method (despite the fact that automatic updates were activated). Chrome had not been updated in the background, nor had it warned us that updates were available. It has been necessary search for update from this menu, and then restart the browser.

Finally, we find the most “gross” method. If we know that there is a new version of Google Chrome available, but the PC cannot find it, we can always uninstall the version we have and install a new one from the official page. It is the slowest and least practical method, but by chance, it does not fit.

How to update Google Chrome from your mobile


From the phone we also have some options to update Google Chrome. The first, whether you use iOS or Android, is to do it from the application store. Usually both operating systems update apps in the background, so it is more than likely that Chrome will update when the update is available, without you noticing. However, these automatic updates do not always jump, so it does not hurt to take a look from time to time inside the app store, to see if there are updates available.

From Android we can install the latest version of Chrome in APK format, so as not to have to wait for it to be available in the Google application store

In the same way, in Android we have the possibility of download the applications in APK format, so we can install versions that are not yet available in the Play Store. Our recommendation is to access the Google Chrome page of APKmirror, where all versions of Chrome are uploaded for safe download (this is important, since not all third-party repositories are). Just download the latest APK, and install it on your terminal. The new version will overwrite the old one, so you don’t need to uninstall it.

How to update Windows to the latest version

If you want to try their news first

Chrome Canary

Updating applications has two main main purposes: to be up-to-date in terms of security, and to be able to enjoy all the news that said update includes. If your interest is mainly for the news, you can resort to the trial versions of Google Chrome. Specifically, we are faced with three main channels.

  • Chrome Beta: you will be able to test the news that are about to arrive in Chrome, in a safe way and with hardly any glitches
  • Chrome Dev: you can test the news that have not yet reached the beta channel. The functions are still being tested and the number of errors is higher
  • Chrome Canary: the most unstable channel, although the most full of news. We only recommend using it to test new features, not as ‘daily browser’.