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How to update the Google Play of your Android TV and what it is for

26 mayo, 2021

As an Android operating system, the exclusive version of the system for televisions and video players also has the Google Play Store, the store from which to access applications and games. And this store is updated frequently receiving news. Do you want to always be up to date? We teach you to update it manually.

There is no operating system that is better suited to different types of electronic devices than Android. Cars, mobiles, televisions, all these devices can take enormous advantage of the characteristics of the system. And Android TV gets special juice from the possibility of installing applications: thanks to this, compatible TVs and players can upload on the big screen from Netflix to games. Google Play is the key. And it is never a bad idea to keep the store updated since this way you will get a better service.


Update the Google Play of your Android TV with APKs

Google Play Android Tv

Although it looks like a different Android due to the interface adapted to television and its remote control, the version of televisions is almost identical to the Android of mobile phones. It includes the Google Play Store to download applications and games, but it does not neglect the user’s freedom since it keeps the door open to the installation of apps in the form of APK files. And this applies to the Play Store itself.

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Google is renewing the system, also its applications. A year ago, for example, he changed the look of the store while including different functionalities. Because of that, only having the most recent version will get the latest improvements, however small they are. And it’s not difficult to force Google Play update on Android TV:

  • Since you have to fight with APK files on your TV, it is best to use a file manager. Our recommendation is TV File Commander, download it from the store of your TV or player.
  • Download the latest Google Play file from Apk Mirror and upload it to your Google Drive. The best place is the root folder.
  • Take the opportunity to update Google Play services on your Android TV, so you will not have problems with the store. Download the latest APK and upload it to the root folder of your Google Drive as well.
  • Access the newly installed file manager and go to the Drive section. Sign in with your Google account.
Google Play Android Tv
  • Go to Google Drive, find the Google Play file and click on it: your Android TV will install it as an update. In the event that the update notice does not appear, you do not need to install it: your Google Play is already up to date.
  • Find the APK of Google Play services and install it, just like with the store.

With the previous steps you will have forced the update of the Google Play store and the services that make its operation possible. The files are safe and unmodified, so you can install them worry-free. And it is a process that provides several advantages that you must take into account.

Advantages of forcing the Google Play update

  • You receive the latest news implemented by Google.
  • You will have access to the latest compatible applications and games.
  • Update Google Play and its services can fix malfunctions on your Android TV. That the store crashes, for example; or it closes suddenly.
  • Having updated Google Play services protects your privacy and gives more security to your TV.
Google Play Android Tv If you have problems after updating you can delete all updates from the settings

In the event that you have updated the store, and it gives you problems, you can remove that version by going to the settings of your Android TV and the applications section. Search ‘Google Play’, access its menu and remove updates: the store will return to the initial state, as it has just left the factory. Then it will update itself to the latest version that exists for your Android TV.