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How to update WhatsApp for Android to the latest version in 2020

22 mayo, 2021

The messaging client WhatsApp It is one of the applications that we use the most at the end of the day. There is not a day that we do not receive dozens of messages from our contacts or groups, and every time the popular communication service launches something new, its more than 2 billion active users rush to update the application to test its new features.

WhatsApp officially offers us three ways to keep your app up-to-date, but only there is a version with which we will be the first to receive your news before they reach the whole world. Updates not only add new features, they also add security improvements, with which the company forces us to have the application updated.

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WhatsApp application expires

Whatsapp Expired

We cannot install WhatsApp and forget to update the application. When a new update arrives, the previous version of WhatsApp will expire. The company does not give deadlines, but an un-updated version of WhatsApp can expire after a few weeks or months. If WhatsApp expires, we will have to update it to continue using it.

Updating WhatsApp to the latest stable version

Whatsapp Update

Most people update WhatsApp through the Play Store, and unless we have not touched any settings in the Google store, this update is done automatically unless our device does not have enough space to update.

Google Play will update WhatsApp to its most recent stable version. For this we have to go to Play Store> My apps and games and see if we have updates available. We can also look for the WhatsApp file on Google Play.

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Updating to WhatsApp Beta to test the latest news

WhatsApp Beta

If you like to be one of the first to receive all the news about your favorite applications then WhatsApp Beta It is the version you have to update to. It is the development version that you can comfortably update from the Play Store and allows you to test your next features before they are officially released to the whole world.

WhatsApp Beta

In order to download WhatsApp Beta on our Android device we just have to become an application tester through testing program from Google Play. To do this, we just have to follow these two simple steps:

  1. Become a WhatsApp tester
  2. Update WhatsApp from the Play Store.

WhatsApp Beta updates more frequently than in its stable version. We will practically receive a new version every day while the stable version updates every few weeks.

WhatsApp Beta testing schedule full?

Whatsapp Download Web

The WhatsApp Beta testing program is not always open. There are days when it does not allow new testers, and if that happens to us we will have to try again at another time or on another day. Still, if we want to update to a new version we can do it officially from the website itself from the messaging client:

Here we are downloading an APK of WhatsApp Beta, so the installation is not as simple as through the two previous methods. We will have to update the application manually. Of course, the APK officially available through the WhatsApp website usually goes several versions behind the beta version that we can download on Google Play. If we want to make sure that we are updating WhatsApp to the latest version, we will have to resort to APK Mirror.

Lack of storage to upgrade?

If we see that WhatsApp It is not updated due to lack of storage on the device, the only thing we can do is free up space, such as deleting photos and videos that are backed up or clearing the temporary cache of the device. Below you will find some tutorials that will allow us to free up space quickly and easily:

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