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How to upload an animated GIF to Facebook without causing a mess

22 mayo, 2021

Take a look at the picture above. Is the result of upload an animated GIF on Facebook “bareback” (in this case, the one with the popular banana), making all the animation frames overlap one another, waking up the party. It seems incredible, but the queen of social networks still falters when uploading these types of images.

And yes, your friends may get tired of seeing animated GIFs on your profile, but that profile is yours and you can do whatever you want with it, right? Well, here is a method to be able to upload them and that are displayed correctly. No extra applications, just an intermediate step.

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Once we have found the GIF that we want to upload to Facebook, what we will do is access the section to upload GIFs on What this website does is convert, as we have already explained on other occasions, a GIF into a video that respects the new web standards, as already offered by Imgur or Twitter.


It will take a few seconds, but after uploading the animated GIF to that website, it will offer us a converted version of it with options to share it on various social networks. Among them, Facebook. We will only need to press that button, share the image and it will appear on our profile animated and without failures. Now we just need that our friends do not block us.

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