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How to use and sign in to multiple Google accounts on Android

23 mayo, 2021

Account management on Android is one of its main highlights, especially when it comes to integration with different Google accounts. It is not strange that a user has more than one account of this type (work, personal, test accounts, etc.), so it is useful know how to add these extra accounts, as well as the way to manage them.

Therefore, it is necessary to show you the settings section in which you can add Google accounts to your liking, as well as the process to manage these different profiles in various system applications.

Adding Google accounts

Google Accounts

Terminals with “clean” ROMs usually have a section called ‘accounts’, in which we can add the type of account we want. However, heavier customization layers often restrict the account option to the company’s own accounts, so for this tutorial we will use the ‘Google’ section, present in all layers of personalization.

After clicking on Google, we will go to the first section, called ‘Google Account’. From here, we can access all the information in our account (privacy, personalization, data, shared information, payments, etc.), as well as add different accounts with different emails.

The Google accounts that we add will be stored on the device, and they will begin to synchronize their data with the phone

To add a new account, all we have to do is click on our email, and later on ‘use another account’. Once we click on this section, it will be necessary to identify ourselves by fingerprint or password, to later enter the email address belonging to the new account. Once added, it will be saved within the device for use when needed.

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How to use multiple Google accounts


The first thing that we must configure when adding a new Google account is the data that we want to be synchronized and those that we do not. To do this, we go to the synchronization settings. In ROMs like Android One, this setting is found within ‘accounts’, we click on the account, and we are in front of them. If your mobile does not have an account section, look for the synchronization section. Once we access this section, we will see several options.

  • Calendar
  • Chrome
  • Contacts:
  • Google Fit data
  • People data
  • Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google calendar
  • Google Play Cloud Games
  • Keep (notes)

It is to our liking activate or not the synchronization of these sections. If, for example, we have saved some contacts in this Google account, they will not be displayed on the device (WhatsApp, phone application) until they have been synchronized, and the same happens with the rest of the categories.

Different Google Accounts

On the other hand, Android has an account selector within its own applications (Gmail, Play Games, Play Store, etc.), which is usually accessed in a fairly simple way: click on your photo. For example, in the application store, after clicking on our photograph we will access the different Gmail accounts, so the catalog of purchased applications will be different. The same happens with applications like Gmail from which, by the way, we can also add Google accounts.

When logging in to applications that include access through Google as well we can use multiple accounts (Although the account that we register will always be the one we will log in with), so it is also a good idea for games and other applications that contain our account data.