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How to use bold, italic and strikethrough in WhatsApp

23 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp continues to improve its application, as we saw yesterday. The latest beta version of WhatsApp includes a lot of cool and highly requested additions like Quick Replies, Multiple Selection, and more customization options with new solid colors to use as background in conversations.

However, the most curious novelty of the latest WhatsApp beta is in the chat itself: the compatibility with the simple format of the text. That is, the support for write in italics, bold and strikethrough.

You heard right, very soon your WhatsApp messages will stop being boring plain text to accept minimal formatting. In fact, you can already start using it, although only people with the WhatsApp beta will be able to see the result.

Format your text like this

So the next time you want to send a message in which you want to emphasize something especially, you have the following resources at your disposal. All of them are based on wrapping the text that you want to highlight in a special character.

  • Bold font: To write in bold, wrap the text you want to highlight with asterisks. For example * text * becomes text.

  • Italics: To italicize, wrap the text you want to highlight with underscores. For example _text_ becomes text.

  • Strikethrough: To cross out a text, wrap the text you want to highlight with capitals. For example ~ text ~ becomes text.

Nothing prevents you combine these codes to write a text in italics, bold and strikethrough at the same time, although you will probably go crazy along the way. WhatsApp does not include any button or method to make it easier to highlight specific text, so you must do everything manually.

If you want to start practicing, get the latest beta version of WhatsApp, registering as a tester in Google Play and waiting for the update to be sent to you. The minimum version of WhatsApp that includes this function (along with the others we talked about yesterday) is 2.12.561.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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