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How to use EMUI’s “twin app” to have two WhatsApp accounts and other apps on your mobile

25 mayo, 2021

Some applications like Messenger or Telegram allow you to use multiple accounts, but this is not common. Other applications like WhatsApp only let you use a single account, which can be a problem especially in the increasingly common mobiles with support for two SIM cards.

Made the law, made the trap, and thus all kinds of inventions have proliferated to manage to use two accounts in applications that do not support them out of the box. A common solution is duplicate the app to be able to use a different configuration, and Huawei phones come with the factory function, here called twin app.


What is Huawei’s ‘twin app’

Twin App is the name that the function of duplicate some apps to be able to use two accounts. It has been in this customization layer since EMUI 5.0 and creates virtual copies of an application that use different settings.

How to have two or more accounts on Facebook Messenger

In this way, in the original version of an app you can configure one account and in its clone (the twin app), another. This function is limited to a closed list of applications in which are mainly social and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat or LINE.

How to activate ‘twin app’

To use this function you only need to activate it. To do this, go to the Android settings, enter the section of Applications and there you will see the subsection Twin app. The list is automatically filled with the supported installed applications, and you must check the box of the application you want to duplicate.


After checking the box, the twin application is created itself in a process that usually takes a couple of seconds. Technically, the application is installed in a different space, although when you update the original application, its clone will also be updated.

This is how clones work


After creating the twin app, it will appear in the app drawer (or on the desktop, if you’re not using the app drawer) with the original app icon overlaid by a badge with a number two. Tapping on it opens your clone, which will start without any configuration, so it will be your turn to log in to the other account you want to use.

Clones work exactly the same as the original app And indeed, Android will often need to ask you if you want to use one or the other before completing an action. Your notifications are also separate.

Please note that the twin app does not work properly with other launchers other than the original Huawei. In Nova Launcher, for example, the icon of the twin app will continue to open the original version and not its clone.