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How to use Google Translate to convert speech to text on Android

22 mayo, 2021

Google has just introduced a new feature in its comprehensive translation app: from now on, Android users can use voice to convert it into already translated text. In this way they can transcribe both what the other person says in their own language and what we say. And we can leave the text in its original language: just adjust it from the settings.

Google’s artificial intelligence is not only a specialist in searching for everything that comes to mind, it also knows exactly what we say, understands words one by one and also in context; allowing you to act accordingly, such as responding to an order given to the assistant. And not only that: Google’s AI is an expert in converting speech to text. This can be done by Assistant, applications like Live Transcribe, and now the company translator as well. Still you have not tried? Well, you can do it now.

Transcribe and translate everything you say

Google Translate Transcribe Text

We knew that Google Translate was going to receive this new mode of transcription because Google engineers released it more than a month ago. As we knew, this mode allows us to convert speech to text using Google’s AI and the voice recognition system. This allows to transcribe from sentences to a complete intervention; with the option of directly translate the words into the language we want, all with a few keystrokes on the screen.

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The new mode will gradually reach all Google Translate users, as usually happens with the changes that the company activates from the server side. We haven’t been able to test it yet, but we do know how it works: we explain all the steps to transcribe what you want from the translator.

  • Open the Google translator app. If you have the option to transcribe activated, you will see that the button appears just below the text box, to the right of ‘Conversation’.
  • Click on ‘Transcribe’ and choose the source languages ​​and to which what you say will be transcribed.
  • Talk to the phone and Google Translate will convert the words to text on the fly. By default they will be transcribed already translated, but you can change it to the original language by clicking on the gear wheel on the screen and choosing ‘Show original text’.
  • In the settings you can also customize the size of the transcribed text and choose whether you want the application’s dark or light interface.

This new mode of transcription and translation will gradually reach all user applications starting today. It will be available for eight languages ​​initially: English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai. The update will be available soon: visit the app store to find out if you already have Google Translate with transcription mode to download.

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