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How to use Instagram from the web without installing the application

23 mayo, 2021

Everybody has gone to Instagram. It is the fashionable social network. The one that gets all the love from Facebook. Undoubtedly one of the best technological purchases of all time and that over the months has been establishing itself as the most active place, where almost all users are sharing their experiences and their best photographs.

Despite the fact that Facebook is still the largest in Instagram is where there is more movement and whose application is constantly updated. But now we don’t want to talk about the Instagram application, but about its website.

At first Instagram was 100% mobile, but later the web version appeared that allowed us to look at the photos. Comments were added later. And now, Instagram has been updated again to allow view stories from the web and even be able to create them from the mobile browser. Which leads us to wonder; Do you still need to install the Android application to be able to use Instagram?

Instagram works great on the web.


If we open the mobile browser and visit it will ask us to log in as in the application. Once inside we will actually have a very similar home page. With the photos in large and the bottom with five shortcuts for Home, search, create, activity and profile. In addition, at the top we can see the Instagram stories, including the circle to create our own.

Each section has a similar operation to that of the application and in fact we also have the possibility of make like by double clicking the photo and other gestures. If it were not because we have the URL above, we would not be able to discover that we are on a website and not in the application. It is the magic of web-apps, which in the case of Instagram is one of the best.

Instagram Web 2

The menus look more rudimentary and we do not achieve the fluidity that the application transmits. When it comes to commenting, we are also more limited and we lack the direct button to share.

Instagram settings

The search section for example works but does not automatically suggest information to us. Even so, we do have the section to discover people.

… but it is not as fast or customizable as the app


The main change of the mobile web with respect to the official application is in the uploading of images. While in the application we have our own camera in the browser it forwards us to the native camera of the mobile. Also on the way we lose the filters and all the options to edit the image that we do have in the Instagram app. Eye, we do have hashtags in the web version So everything else may not matter

The web version of Instagram is basically for emergency occasions or to upload images easily. Clip and Ship. While the Instagram app helps us make the most of this network. Those who are thinking of uninstalling the Instagram application but want to continue applying filters can do so with third-party photo editors.

More basic follower information


The difference between the mobile version and the application is noticeable in most sections. The activity tab is another example. While on the web we have a cold list of who has liked or who has commented, in the mobile application it suggests us to follow more people, groups the notifications and has a more orderly appearance. In part it clearly reminds us of Facebook notifications, whose apps and web versions are equivalent.

Comments but no likes


The web version of Instagram also allows you to view and comment. An addition that was not initially. However on the web we cannot give the like pulsating on the heart. Nor can we directly answer comments, so when it comes to having a conversation it is much more difficult.

We can now upload stories to Instagram from the web

Web Stories

But the biggest addition to the mobile web version are the instagram stories. In the same way that we created them in the application, now we can also add them from the web version.

What is happening? Basically what they are much simpler. In the web version we can take a photo, add text to it, modify its position and add color. But little else. Nothing to do with all the possibilities offered by the stories from the application.

Stories App

The stories make it to the web but We do not have zoom, we do not have effects, we do not have additives or filters nor can we do live as it is allowed from the Android application.

What began as a fully mobile application has evolved to become a social network that also has a website. One from which we can not only see the photos, but also post and comment. Only true Instagram experts will always prefer all the add-ons of the app.


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