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How to use Shazam to recognize songs within apps and with headphones connected

23 mayo, 2021

Although the function of recognizing songs is integrated into some voice assistants, Shazam, owned by Apple is still one of the best known proposals when it comes to inform us about what song we are listening to on our device. The application has just received an update on Android through which we can recognize songs within the apps themselves, and without the need for the music to be playing through the speaker.

This supposes a major change in the app, which finally stops depending on the external speaker. Recognizing the music that is playing within your applications even if we have headphones connected is a simple process, but we are going to explain it to you step by step so that you do not have any doubts along the way.

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A convenient (and non-intrusive) way to recognize songs

Shazam Instagram

Shazam has always needed the use of the external speaker to recognize songs, something that could be annoying, since listening to music through the mobile speakers is not the most discreet solution (neither inside our house nor outside of it). Last year, we echoed Shazam’s Pop-Up feature, a feature that allowed to recognize songs within the applications themselves. With its latest update, Shazam has updated this function, and we can finally recognize songs even if we have headphones connected.

Headphone-less recognition mode is already present in the latest version of Shazam for Android, so you can try it whenever you want

To perform this process, all you need is to install the latest version of Shazam on Android (the feature is not available on iOS, at the moment), and have a headset connected to the phone. These do not need to have a microphoneSince the audio signal is picked up internally, the headphones don’t have to record anything.

Configure Shazam

The first step is to open the Shazam app and swipe right. After sliding we will see the “My Shazam” screen, in whose upper left corner is the menu button, we press it. In this new menu, we will activate the “Shazam Pop-Up” function, which allows us to identify music within the applications. To activate this function it will be necessary to give permission to Shazam to be shown on other applications. The pop-up menu that appears, all you have to do is go to settings, and turn on the app overlay permission.


Similarly, you will need to give Shazam permission to record the audio from your device. Once these two permissions are given, Shazam Pop Up will be active, and we will see it both in the notification bar and superimposed in our applications. Operation is as simple as pressing the button and wait for the application to recognize the song we are listening to.

Shazam Button

This recognition works the same way on the main Shazam screen by clicking on the “Shazamear” button. In fact, when connecting headphones, the application will show us the message “Did you know that you can shazame music through headphones?”

This Shazam feature works on all apps, so just play a song for it to be recognized

Note that this method works on any application that is playing music. Shazam is able to recognize (as long as the song is in its database) any piece that is playing through an app, such as YouTube, Spotify, Deezer …



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