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How to use the fun Twitter bot that allows you to add music to videos or modify them completely

23 mayo, 2021

For years we have been talking about Twitter bots that are capable of performing all kinds of tasks automatically, such as ‘Thread Reader’, which allows us to transform threads into perfectly readable pages.

VideoEditBot (@editvideobot) is a bot that has been gaining popularity on the social network for a few months, since allows us to edit both photos and videos from a few simple commands.

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You will receive an answer with the edition in a few seconds

Your Creator, @pigeonburger, assures that he would never have done this without confinement due to the coronavirus: “I did not have the time or a reason to do it, but I decided to resume it during the quarantine.”

The commands are quite similar to other bots, and on this page we can find the complete list. Thanks to these commands we can pixelate, rotate, fade in / fade out, invert colors, blur, distort or download the video.

Command List Edit Video Bot Pigeonburger Xyz

Another thing we can do, for example, is change or add music to a video. A good example can be found in a tweet published hours ago by @EscenasANHQV (an account that is dedicated to publishing fragments of the series ‘There is no one alive here’).

As we can see, this is a video in which a character (Emilio) appears dancing. To add music to that sceneSimply tag the bot (remember, @editvideobot) and write “music = youtube link, musicskip = second of video,” (replacing each field, obviously).

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As indicated in the tweet, it is important not to forget to add the commas. Yes, this it will only work if we follow the bot on Twitter. In the answers we can find some of the funniest mashups, and here are some examples.

Emilio dancing to the music of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’:

Or to the rhythm of ‘Yo Quiero Bailar’, by Sonia and Selena:

I have tried to use it, with the best known “song” Ibai Llanos, and the truth is that it works perfectly. In a matter of 20 seconds I got the answer with the edited video:

As we said before, the list of commands is very wide, and we can make all kinds of modifications to the videos. We are going to show you some of the effects that can be easily achieved with this bot.

Distort both image and sound:

Put the video in reverse:

Or something as simple as adding text over the video:

The possibilities are almost endless, and another interesting point is that on the bot’s website we can find the videos that we have created simply by entering our username on Twitter.