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How to use the Google Chromecast without having WiFi at home

22 mayo, 2021

The Google Chromecast is great for watch all mobile content on television, but it has an essential requirement: a WiFi network to connect to. Is your home offline or have you moved the Google Chromecast to another location? No problem, you can configure it with the help of your smartphone.

Few devices do better service for as little money as the Google Chromecast offers. This little player HDMI can turn any TV into a Smart TV controlled from the mobile Android, iPhone or even from your computer. Watch Netflix on the big screen, project your phone screen, send recorded videos to TV and much more: the Chromecast can be squeezed in many ways. And it is not essential that you have WiFi in your house (or where you use it) since you can execute a simple trick: set up a wireless access point from your mobile.

Register your Google Chromecast with the mobile WiFi

Google Chromecast

To start a Google Chromecast, an Internet connection is essential, this is final. Therefore, the most common is to register the device with the home or work network, depending on which television it is installed on. The whole process is done from the Google Home application, an app that is available for Android and also for iOS. Of course, the configuration of the home WiFi network can be replaced by the phone network if you mount an access point on your Android (or iPhone).

How to share the internet with your mobile as a hotspot

The process to use a Google Chromecast without home or work WiFi is as follows:

  • Download the Google Home app to a second phone, the one that will act as ‘configurator’.
  • Connect the Google Chromecast to a free HDMI on the television and power it with the USB charging cable (connecting it to a free USB on the TV or a charger).
  • Enter your mobile settings and look for the ‘Portable WiFi Zone’ options. This function can be renamed to ‘WiFi Access Point’ or similar.
  • Configure the connection with a password and activate the access point: from that moment you will be sharing the data of your rate. Don’t worry, setting up the Google Chromecast hardly consumes data.
  • Connect from the second phone to the WiFi network that you created on your mobile. Make sure that Google Play does not take advantage of it to update applications and that this mobile does not try to update itself taking advantage of the WiFi.
  • Open the Google Home app and click on the ‘+’ icon, at the top of the screen, in the left area.
  • Click on ‘Configure device’. Then, click on ‘Set up new devices’, choose your home and go to ‘Next’.
  • The Google Chromecast should appear available to you. Click on it and check the code that will appear on TV.
  • Select the WiFi you created on your mobile, enter the password if necessary and you will have the Google Chromecast configured.
  • Disconnect the second phone from the WiFi network you created so that there are no data consumption problems.

From this moment you can use your Google Chromecast by simply activating the WiFi access point of your mobile: the icon to share with the Chromecast will appear (in the upper right part of apps such as YouTube or Netflix) so that you click there and see the content on TV. What’s more, you can share your mobile screen by opening the Google Home app, choosing the Chromecast and clicking on the lower icon of ‘Send my screen’.

Send Chromecast Screen

The possibilities are enormous: you can watch Netflix on TV, show Disney +, send almost any video from the Internet or watch YouTube, for example. Of course, you must have a very important aspect in mind:

All Internet videos (streaming) that you send to Google Chromecast will consume your rate data

Tips and tricks to use the google Chromecast without WiFi

Send Chromecast Screen You can watch videos on TV taking advantage of your mobile’s WiFi. Remember that it consumes your data

A simple mobile is enough and more than enough to supply the need for WiFi, you have already seen it: once you activate the access point, the Chromecast will connect to it with all its possibilities. Since the connection is only provided by your phone, if the Google Chromecast uses the Internet it will pull your data; with the risk that your rate will run out in hours: streaming gobbles up a huge amount of MB.

To use the Chromecast and your mobile without problems, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

  • Limit content from Netflix, YouTube, Disney + and the like as much as possible that you share with the Chromecast as the HDMI will use your internet connection. Our advice is to monitor your operator’s consumption constantly.
  • Sharing your mobile screen does not consume the Internet unless you watch streaming content on your phone. You can project the photos from your gallery, the videos and even the movies that you have saved in the storage: all that does not spend MB of the fee.
  • You can use applications like Web Video Caster to cast content that you have stored locally on your phone to the Chromecast. Remember that this does not consume the Internet.
  • Google Photos can share everything in your gallery folder with your Chromecast. This does not waste mobile data.
Send Chromecast Screen
  • Limit the data consumption of the access point from the WiFi anchor options, in your phone’s configurator. You can also limit it from the data plan options, in the mobile network settings.