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How to use Trello to organize your work and life

22 mayo, 2021

Trello is one of the best applications to manage tasks and teamsIt is also one of the best known. However, few see it as a simple tool that can be used as a note-taking app and now, or even to organize our personal life beyond work.

The truth is that with Trello you can organize almost anything, not only because it is a very complete and powerful tool, but because it is easy to use and because it takes advantage of one of the most intuitive and effective organization and productivity methods: kanban.

I started working from home exclusively about eight years ago, and that’s when I first met Trello. It was the tool we used in the first company I worked for remotely and organizing projects there is extremely effective.

At home we became faithful to the app and when we decided to emigrate, we spent a year planning the move within a huge Trello board. That is why I can say that with this app you can organize almost anything you want to achieve, alone, with someone else, or with a whole team of people.

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Create your first board

Create Dashboard

The first thing you have to do when you get started with Trello is create a board. In Trello everything works like this, each board can be a project or a part of a project, you decide.

Within Trello boards you can add columns and within each column you can add cards. Each of those cards can be an individual or group assignment, and contain all kinds of information, from attachments to comments to tags.

Trello Example

The easiest board with which you can start is a kanban board basic. For example, in this you would have only three columns: pending, in process, and finished. Everything that has to be done is put on the slope, when you are doing it you drag the card to the column in process, and when you finish you pass it to the finished one.

This method is extremely visual and effective not only to unravel all the tasks to be done, but also to keep track of what has been accomplished with the finished column.

From that base you can add more columns according to your needs, but always with this methodology present. The cards can be archived, but they do not disappear to nothing, Trello is more designed to move them to another column.

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Trello at work

If you use Trello as a teamwork tool you can assign cards to different users, this will cause them to receive notifications and alerts. You can also assign dates to the cards that will notify you when the expiration is approaching.

Expiration dates

Trello even has a feature that makes cards “age”, meaning the longer the card goes unattended, the more opaque it will become until you decide to clean the cobwebs from it.

At work, the tasks of each department can be organized on its own board (with Trello you can have up to 10 free team boards, personals are unlimited). If you hire the paid service, you also have dashboard templates that are already organized according to the type of project being carried out.


Inside the cards you can add attachments, even you can integrate other apps like Google Drive for example, to import files from there by simply pasting the link.

You can add lists within a card instead of having to create a column full of cards with a single small task. These cards can have different colored labels for easier identification.

Trello Comments

All team members with access can leave comments on the cards, making mention with @user, even if they are not assigned to the card. In a card you can be assigned (your avatar will appear below), or you can be a follower to only receive notifications about activity on that card.

Trello is extremely visual, and just as you can change the background color or image of a board, you can add cover images to your cards to make them stand out, even animated GIFs.

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Trello for life

Hidden Time Final Image: Trello

Imagine a Trello board for everything. A board for your family in which you divide household chores, grocery shopping, family events, health issues (appointments with the doctor, vaccines, medicines and others), or even school projects for the little ones.

You may create a board to organize meals for the week. You can create a board to organize your weekly or monthly schedule, or even the whole year. One column per day of the week, or one column per month and one card per day. The possibilities are endless.

Entry 2020 03 17 154 615 There are public boards like this that you can copy to your own Trello to use as a base for your own.

Trello can be especially useful for students for example, creating a board for each subject to have where to organize all the tasks and projects that you have pending, study for exams and others.

Trello is a task manager, notes app, file management, teamwork, calendar, reminders, and more, all in one place. The limitations of its free version are few except when you add the equipment, and with a little creativity you can organize your whole life there.

Y, Trello is not the only one of its kind, there are many similar free alternatives that also use the kanban method to help you organize everything. Whether you use Trello or one of these, you probably love the technique and can take advantage of it.