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How to use WhatsApp web from your mobile

22 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp Web is the WhatsApp client to be able to use the instant messaging service through our computer. In theory, it is designed so that we can enjoy the service on PC, but thanks to this client’s connection method, we can be a little more creative.

So let’s show you how you can use WhatsApp web from your mobile (and other devices), to solve some of the limitations that the service has, especially if we compare it with alternatives such as Telegram.


Using WhatsApp Web from mobile

Whatsapp Web

As we anticipated, WhatsApp Web is designed to be used mainly through PC, but nothing prevents us from using the web version of its page to connect through Android. For this process a second device is required, since it is not possible to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp web on the same mobile.

To use WhatsApp Web it is necessary to scan a BIDI code. If we try to scan it from the mobile that has WhatsApp installed, we will be returned to the application

To verify the impossibility of this process, we have taken a photograph of the WhatsApp web BIDI code to scan it with our own phone, in order to connect to the client through our own code. After performing this process, we are returned to the WhatsApp application itself, so it is impossible to use said client from the mobile on which the application is installed.

Having clarified this point, we return to the initial idea, use WhatsApp web a mobile (or another type of secondary device). The process is the same as we would do with a computer, so it will not take more than a few seconds to complete the connection process.

  • Open WhatsApp Web on your secondary mobile
  • Configure the desktop view
  • Scan the BIDI code from your main phone (where you have the WhatsApp application installed)

Clever. Once we have completed the process, we can use WhatsApp Web with our main phone number on any other smartphone. The main utility of this seems clear, have two (or more) WhatsApp chats open with a single phone number. In alternatives like Telegram this has been possible for a long time, but in WhatsApp, for the moment, we are limited to a single device.

Of course, we must warn that the WhatsApp Web interface is not optimized for mobile devices for obvious reasons, and that it is more than likely that it is necessary put the mobile in a horizontal position to be able to view the chats in full.

Sending multimedia files, camera, keyboard, etc. Everything works with WhatsApp Web, although with a somewhat more uncomfortable format

The keyboard, the sending of files, the integration with the camera and other functions work correctly, so we will not have limitations of any kind. We have also tested the operation of when it is shown that we are online and when not. The main “problem” with WhatsApp Web is that it stays on, so even when we are not connected, it will appear that we are online.

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You can go beyond mobile


Seeing that using WhatsApp Web is as easy as scanning a QR code, you can take advantage of it to connect more devices, both mobile phones and computers, tablets, televisions, etc. Taking into account that devices such as tablets (including iPad) it is not possible to install WhatsApp, this method is perfect to have the application no need to install yourself.

Any device that can display the web version of the WhatsApp Web page can load its interface and, therefore, is capable of being used to chat and receive notifications.

In the same way, we have managed to connect our television to WhatsApp Web, so a Bluetooth keyboard would be enough to use it as a monitor and to be able to chat from the sofa. In short, practically any device that allows you to open the web version of WhatsApp Web can connect to the client.

Image | Flickr