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How to video record the screen in Windows 10 without installing any program on the computer

23 mayo, 2021

Many times we have wanted to be able to record a short video recording what we were doing on our computer screen, but we have given up for not having or knowing any specialized software or time to learn it.

But we don’t need to install anything to carry out that task, because Windows 10 already comes pre-installed with very easy-to-use software for that purpose: we are talking about the Xbox Game Bar, still popularly known by its old name, the Game Bar.

Although, as its name suggests, the initial objective with which this software is designed is to use it while playing video games, there is nothing that prevents us from using the bar with any other application… but, yes, only one at the same time: no recording the entire desktop, sorry.

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Steps to follow

Let’s see how we can make use of this tool:

  1. Open the application you want to record and, when its window is active, display the Xbox Game Bar by pressing simultaneously Windows keys and ‘G’ of your keyboard.

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  1. Both the bar itself and various floating widgets, corresponding to various functions of the application, will be displayed on your screen.The one that interests us is the one titled as ‘Capture’; if it is not visible, we can activate it from the bar.

  1. From ‘Capture’ we can start the recording by clicking on the corresponding button (see attached image) or by pressing the keys Windows + Alt + ‘R’. If we also want to capture our comments by microphone, we will press the right key or the key combination Windows + Alt + ‘M’.

  2. During the recording, a floating bar will be shown that shows the recording time and controls to stop the recording and to activate or deactivate the microphone. When we have finished recording what we wanted, we just have to press the ‘Stop’ button.

Capture Status

  1. Immediately, a notification will appear on the screen offering us to see the recorded clip. If we press it, the folder corresponding to the captures made with the Game Bar will open, within the ‘Videos’ folder.
Recorded Clip