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How to view Instagram Stories on your computer

25 mayo, 2021

Instagram recently surprised us with a new functionality very stylish fully traced from Snapchat: the Instagram Stories, compositions created from a mixture of photos or videos, on which you can add texts or a freehand drawing, and which have the particularity that they are automatically erased at 24 hours.

At the moment, the Instagram web client does not allow you to view them, so the only way to access the Stories of your contacts is through the mobile app. But that was until now, because while we wait for Instagram to implement it on its website, there is a little trick to be able to see the Stories on your computer desktop.

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The trick is as simple as installing Chrome IG Story, a Chrome browser extension that integrates Stories into the Instagram web interface, as they appear in the mobile application.

Once installed in your browser, you only have to go to the Instagram website and after logging in, you will be able to see the Stories published by your contacts in the top of the screen. Click on the one you want to see, and a Gallery on a black background where you can see videos or photos in large size.

Playback can be control easily through some interface icons, or using the keyboard: right or left cursors to move through the content, and the Esc key to close the gallery. Also, if they are photos you can increase them in size.

Instagram Stories on your computer

An extra point of this extension is that doing right click On the icon of the contact who has published a Story, you can to download this to your computer. What you download is a ZIP file that contains all the material used (photos and videos).

Chrome IG Story works great, although some reviews on the Chrome Web Store say that if you use a ad-blocking extension, this can alter its proper functioning. If you decide to try Chrome IG Story and it doesn’t suit you, check that it’s not because of your AdBlock.

Link | Chrome IG Story
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