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How to view notification history on Android

24 mayo, 2021

Surely, throughout the day you receive many notifications on your mobile phone, so many that sometimes you even need to deactivate them. Calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, updates available … And the worst thing is that it can be such that when trying to access them they have been lost or you may even delete them inadvertently. If this is the case, there is a solution since you can check the complete history of notifications on your Android mobile easily.

For this you have two options. You can do it from the system settings or use applications external, although in this case, you will not be able to consult the notifications prior to the installation of the app. We explain how you can check your history with a few simple steps.

From phone Settings

Notifications History

The option to find the complete notification history from the phone’s Settings is available from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher, although to access it you must do it through a widget. In addition, it is essential that you use pure Android and have the latest version of the operating system on your device.

The advantages of stock Android versus a customization layer and vice versa

In order to access the history of notifications, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Press and hold any free part of the home screen. A window will appear with the options “Screen settings”, “Widgets” and “Wallpapers”. Select Widgets.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down and look for the “Notification log” option. By clicking on it, you will set the widget on the home screen of your mobile.
  4. If you click on the widget, you will have access to the complete notification history.

Using external applications

If you use Android with a third-party customization layer, it is likely that you will not be able to access the complete notification history from the smartphone system itself. Therefore, you will have to resort to external applications. Yes indeed, you will not be able to retrieve the notifications you received before of their installation and you will have to grant them permission so that they can access them. In Google Play you will find different options, although we have tested Notification history and Notification history log.


One of the easiest to use is Notification History. When you install and open it, a screen will appear for you to enable the System Configuration and You grant the app permission to access the notifications.

In her you can group messages by app, sort them chronologically or look for a specific one. Its operation is very simple:

  1. Activate the box “Always check the settings” and click on “Agree”
  2. Close the app and go to the phone’s Settings.
Notifications History 1
  1. Find “Applications and notifications”> Special application access> Access to notifications. This path may vary slightly depending on the device and the version of the operating system you are using.
  2. Check the box “Notification history”
Screenshot 20190308 124417
  1. The app will record all the messages, calls or any alerts you receive on your mobile from this moment on. To consult it, just open the application.
Notification history

Notification history


Very similar to the previous one, in Notification history log you will be able to consult all the notifications received from the moment of its installation, in addition to knowing the exact time or its content. You can block notifications from the apps you want, make a backup or delete the registry when you no longer need it. Its operation is very simple:

Notifications History 2
  1. When you install it, the first thing you should do is accept the terms of use and privacy. Activate the box and click on “Accept and continue”.
  2. Click on the date in the lower right corner until you reach the “Enable permission” screen and click on the button.
  3. It will automatically take you to the system settings. Check the Notification history log box.
Screenshot 20190308 131143
  1. When you enter the app, you will see all the notifications received since then.
Notification History Log

Notification History Log