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How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

21 mayo, 2021

When we enter a web page through Google Chrome in which we have the possibility (or obligation) to enter a password, the browser itself It will suggest us to save this credential, so that we don’t have to re-enter it manually the next time.

All these passwords are stored in our Google account, so that we can access the websites from the browser, either on mobile or PC. We are going to teach you where you can see your passwords stored in Chrome, since it is a process that hardly takes a minute, and through which, in addition to checking the passwords, we can remove them from the browser.

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Accessing your passwords in Google Chrome from PC

Chrome passwords

To access our passwords in Google Chrome it will be necessary to click on the round icon that refers to our user account. Just below the “manage your Google account” section, we will see the “passwords” option.

Chrome Passwords Saved

After completing these steps, we will see the list of saved passwords, as well as the username or email that we use on the different websites. From this menu, we have the option of view password by clicking on the “eye” icon, as well as deleting it so that Google Chrome does not remember it. This action removes the browser password, but you can enter it at any other time, as well as save it again.

The Google password manager allows us to edit the credentials, to update them manually

If we want to access the list of passwords even faster, we just have to visit Google’s password manager. This is a method of access with a single click to our entire list of credentials, being able to check what they are, delete them, and even edit them. In this case, we only have to click on the website to see the password options (here we do not have a menu button). After doing so, we will see the options described above.


In the event that we want to modify our password, we must bear in mind that It must be the same with which we entered the website. This option is useful when, for some reason, we have not automatically saved our new password, and we cannot access the website, since Chrome keeps entering the old one. If this happens, we only have to edit with the new password, and this will automatically be the one that will be entered when logging in.

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How to see Google Chrome passwords from mobile


In the event that we want to see our Google Chrome passwords from the phone, we can access it from the Google password manager, or from the options provided by the browser. To access them, we just have to go to “Settings” and “Passwords”, regardless of whether we use iOS or Android.

In the case of Android, we will use the fingerprint reader (if any) to be able to see the passwords, while in iOS Face ID and Touch ID are the methods we use to do so. On these mobile platforms, the options are to view the password and copy it to the clipboard, there is no option to edit it from this menu.