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How to view saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10

22 mayo, 2021

Writing the password of our Wi-Fi network every time we want to connect a new device to it becomes so heavy that we recommend alternatives how to create a QR code so that accessing them is something trivial and painless. However, there will be many cases where we have to know or remember it to give it to someone who comes to our company or home.

In this sense, we are going to tell you how to see the WiFi passwords saved in Windows 10, to be able to copy them and send them through the service or platform that most convinces us.


How to see the password of the WiFi to which we are connected

To see the password of the WiFi network to which we are connected, we will have to go to ‘Center network and sharing‘, which is the place in the system where we can see all the data of the current network. To get to this section of the Control Panel, the quickest thing is to search for ‘Network and Sharing Center’ in Windows search, which we can access from the Start menu, or from the text box or magnifying glass with which standard equipment count.

Another way to get there is Right-clicking on the Wifi icon on the taskbar. A ‘Settings’ window will open. At the bottom of the window we will be offered a link to ‘Network and Sharing Center’, which is where we will have to go for the rest of the tutorial.

Wifi configuration

In the Center of networks and shared resources we will see our active network or networks. In the case of our Wi-Fi network, we will see that the coverage icon is shown next to ‘Wi-Fi (name of our connection)‘. If we click on that name, a window called ‘Wi-Fi Status’ will open that will offer details such as the speed of the network, the time we have been connected, etc. What interests us, the password, is accessible from ‘Wireless Properties’.

Network Center

Wifi password

By clicking on ‘Show characters’, the system will reveal our WiFi password

By clicking on that button, Another configuration window will open with two tabs, ‘Connection’ and ‘Security’. The interesting thing is in the second. In it we will see the type of security of our network, the type of encryption and, finally, the security key of our network, hidden. To see it, we will have to mark the ‘show characters’ ticket, which will ask us for administrator permissions and will show us the password. Finally, we can copy and share it by any means we want.

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How to see the password of any WiFi to which we have connected

In our team we may have connected to many networks in addition to the current one. In fact, if we talk about a laptop, that is the most common. Therefore, our previous method will not be valid for many cases. Let’s see how to view saved passwords.

In this case, we will have to go to the ‘Command Prompt’, which we can access from Windows search. Once in it, we will write the command ‘netsh wlan show profile‘. When executed, the names of all the networks to which we have connected will appear in a list.

Wifi System Symbol

To see the key of any of them, we will have to execute the following custom command ‘netsh wlan show profile name = WiFiname key = clear‘. In the command, we will have to replace ‘nombredelaWiFi’ with the name of the network we want to access.


In ‘Key content’ we will see the key of the chosen WiFi network.