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How to visit a website with Flash on Android

26 mayo, 2021

Adobe Flash is not going through its most popular moment. In fact, Flash has been discontinued on Android since 2012. At this point, many web developers have adopted the benefits of HTML5, AMP and other technologies so that you do not miss Flash much on mobile, but some pages resist the use of Flash.

While Chrome and Firefox for PC still show you (reluctantly) Flash content, the Android versions of the main browsers do not include Flash support. What can you do to use Flash in a current browser?

The solution, third-party browsers

The solution is the same today as it was five years ago: use a special browser. In this the experts are the Chinese browsers such as UC Browser, Dolphin Browser or Puffin Browser. Now, not all of these browsers they have aged the same.

UC Browser has had some recent controversies (with temporary ban from the Play Store included), it requires too many permissions and sends more notifications than we would like, while Dolphin Browser does not work well and requires an additional installation to make Flash work. Thus, in 2018 the best option to browse web pages with flash content is Puffin Browser.

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser7.1.2.18064

Puffin Browser is an alternative browser of Taiwanese origin that has managed to stay out of controversy, does not bother, continues to be periodically updated and includes the Flash support direct from factory, without doing anything else.

Open Flash in Puffin

Puffinychrome The same website in Chrome (left) and Puffin (right).

Since Puffin Browser already comes with support for Flash content out of the box, it really You do not need to do anything else beyond surfing the net as usual. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that some pages may change to the mobile optimized layout, without Flash, so you may need to activate the mode of view as on PC.

Vistacomopc You may need to force the PC view mode

Puffin copies much of the Google Chrome interface, so it shouldn’t be hard to find View as computer on their menu. Remember that this may only be necessary on some pages that have a different design and without Flash for the mobile.

With special controls


Much of the Flash content is created with the idea of ​​a PC in mind, with its keyboard and mouse. This makes it really problematic to handle the mobile only with touch controls. Puffin Browser shows special on-screen controls with which emulate a mouse and keyboard control that can get you out of more than one trouble, especially in Flash games.

Mouse control allows you to simulate the mouse wheel or trackpad, while the command simulator “maps” certain configurable keys of a keyboard to some buttons overlaid on screen.

And full screen theater mode


Another peculiarity of Puffin Browser that makes it a great alternative to consume Flash content is the theater mode. Accessible from the same options menu, it detects and displays Flash content full screen. The result is good in most web flash games, although it can be confusing for pages that only include certain blocks in Flash integrated with the rest of the web.

In summary, in order to continue watching Flash content on your Android, you must flee from traditional browsers and opt for a lesser-known one. There is no lack of alternatives on Google Play (Flash Fox, Ace Browser, Mercury Browser …) but in 2018 Puffin Browser wins the award an “easier way to see Flash” by simply working and including extra tools.

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