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How to watch all the free YouTube movies that are only available in the USA

21 mayo, 2021

There is plenty of content on YouTube, but that of most Hollywood studios that occasionally offer movies or series through the platform, is usually locked out of the United States.

In fact, there is a whole section of movies on YouTube that can be watched for free with ads, but it is only available in North America, if we enter that link from Spain, we will only find movies for rent. Now, viewing that content is possible, with something as simple as a proxy.

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A free proxy for watching movies on YouTube

Free Movies Youtube

Of course, as many know, using a VPN to encrypt our traffic and surfing using servers that tell the web that we are in another country is an excellent option for access content blocked in our country.

However, the problem that occurs there for many users is that VPNs are not free, and those that are free, either offer very little data to navigate or are a privacy nightmare.

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A proxy is somewhat simpler, it also allows you mask your IP, and while it doesn’t have the advantages of encryption, for the purposes of simply watching these region-locked YouTube movies, it’s more than enough.

Proxy Movies Youtube Free

You will find plenty of proxies on the web, but not all of them work for this case, and not all of them are free, and not all of them have US servers. A good option that I have gotten yes it meets all those requirements it is kproxy, as long as you use this extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Once installed in your favorite browser, it is only a matter of entering this link to look at the free movies available on YouTube and activate the proxy using a Canadian server. The movies mostly have English subtitles that can be automatically translated into Spanish from YouTube itself.

It is not the largest movie library in the world, but has about 100 titles that are constantly changing And maybe you will get something to see there on a boring day.