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How to watch all TV channels on an Android TV with the DTT Channels app

24 mayo, 2021

Having Android on TV is becoming more and more common since Android TV is found in a wide range of televisions, also in HDMI players. Yes, you do not always have access to watch DTT channels, especially regional ones; a deficiency that is fixed with an app like TDT Channels. This application offers a huge number of TV and radio channels, all adapted to Android TV.

Although Android TV is an operating system adapted to televisions, this does not imply that all open access DTT channels are seen on televisions equipped with this system. It may be the case that you want to see a channel of another autonomy, for example; or one that doesn’t quite tune in well with your antenna. Also, players like the Xiaomi Mi Box S lack a television tuner; hence the only way to watch TV, at least in what we understand by this concept, is with dedicated applications. And one of those applications is TDT Channels: the app is complete, works great and is perfectly adapted to Android TV.


All TV channels in a single app

Tdt Channels Android Tv With TDT Channels you can also access radio stations on your Android TV

TDT Channels is an application for Android that we have talked about on occasion. It is developed by Marc Vila based on open source software. And recently it separated the development of the Open Source version to focus on improving the app, both for ‘normal’ Android devices and for the Android TV version. Precisely, TDT Channels has been updated these days to offer notable improvements, especially for the TV version.

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As we said, and despite the fact that Android TV is for television, this does not imply that the operating system offers a native television tuner since this only happens on Smart TVs. Therefore, having an application that offers access to all DTT, both at the state level and by communities and regions, is always a good idea. Not only that, TDT Channels also offers radio stations, is a complete multimedia combo.

Tdt Channels Android Tv Filtering channels by category and autonomous community

The operation is as expected: just search for a channel from the huge list of them included so that you can play it with a couple of ‘clicks, on your remote control. Yes indeed, TDT Channels is an app that cannot be found on Google Play, so its installation is somewhat more cumbersome than usual. You can have it installed on your Android TV as follows:

  • Since you have to fight with APK files on your TV, it is best to use a file manager. Our recommendation is TV File Commander, download it from the store of your TV or player.
  • Download the latest TDT Channels file from their website and upload it to your Google Drive. The best place is the root folder.
  • Access the newly installed file manager on your Android TV and go to the Drive section. Sign in with your Google account.
  • Go to Google Drive, look for the TDT Channels file and click on it: your Android TV will install it as any APK is installed on your mobile.
Tdt Channels Android Tv

Using TDT Channels on Android TV is intuitive: you have the list of TV channels and radios, you can move through both with the remote control. In addition, the application allows you save channels and stations as favorites for direct access (It is worth taking some time). You also have the option to filter the channels by category and by Autonomous Communities: in this way you can access broadcasts that are not available in your territory.

TDT Channels does not offer pay channels since all the included ones are of free access. The app collects and updates all the links with which the different television networks broadcast on the Internet, it does not have ads and it is free.