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how to watch DTT television channels on your mobile

25 mayo, 2021

Upgrade: TDTChannels is now available on Google Play. You can find the link at the end.

Summer is coming and with it free time. Some people spend this time going to the beach, playing video games, or watching their favorite TV shows. This can be done from the television itself or, if it is busy, with a simple mobile application. There are several, but one of the most recent is DTT Channels.

This application has been created by Marc Vila, a developer from Barcelona. It uses official m3u8 and m3u lists of those television and radio channels that are broadcast over the Internet in the open, so the content of the application is completely legal. TDT Channels is not on Google Play, so let’s see how to download and use it.

How to download TDT Channels

As we said, TDT Channels is not on Google PlayIt must be downloaded from the GitHub page of the developer’s website. To do this, you simply have to go to this link and download the APK file. Vila updates it from time to time to add functions or fix bugs, so it is not a bad idea to save the link in a note app and visit it from time to time.

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Once downloaded, proceed to the installation. The device will surely ask you for permission to install applications from unknown sources, so give it to it and don’t worry, because it is safe. We have passed the APK (version 0.4.1) by VirusTotal and the results are correct.

A really simple application

Tdt Channels

You will see that TDT Channels is really simple. All the channels (national, regional and local) are arranged in a battery one under the other. You can navigate between all of them by scrolling or using the built-in search engine to quickly locate the one you are looking for.

When you have found it, click on it and choose one of the sources. Automatically, playback will start and you can pause, advance or delay it at will. You will see that in some channels a number appears at the end, as if the video were going to end, but nothing could be further from the truth. The content will continue to play as normal. Of course, do not close the application, since then it will stop.

Tdt Channels Radio

That does not happen with the radio. TDT Channels also includes many radio channels that can be play in foreground and background. Just pull down the menu, choose a station and hit the “Home” button to use other apps while listening to the radio. If you press “Back” it will stop. There are no playback controls, at least for now.

He has no more. The developer claim that it has some planned improvements such as filtering and saving channels or a screen timer, but for that we will have to wait. The app has no advertising or microtransactions and, as we said before, it can be downloaded from GitHub and the Google Play Store.