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How to watch the games online and free applications

26 mayo, 2021

The 21st edition of the FIFA Soccer World Cup takes place in June and July in Russia, kicking off with an opening match between the host country’s team and Saudi Arabia, and from Genbeta we want to explain to you how to watch all the matches of the 2018 World Cup in Russia online without missing any detail.

Estimates suggest that the global audience that the tournament will have will reach 3.8 billion viewers of which, around 850 million, will see it through smartphones. In this case, we are going to give you the keys to see the World Cup on-line free of charge and totally legal, following the meetings between teams, the information at the last minute and all the results.

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How to watch the 2018 World Cup online

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As usual, the football matches of this international competition are broadcast both on free-to-air television and on pay television or cable, depending on the country.

In the case of Spain, for example, the Mediaset group with the television channels Telecinco, Cuatro and BeMad At the head it has the rights, also for the emission by Internet. In Mexico, to name another case, it is Televisa the one that has the rights to broadcast the World Cup through its different platforms, including the web. And in Argentina, on the other hand, the rights are owned Public TV and TyC Sports, which also broadcast meetings on their channels on-line.

World Cup matches are broadcast both on free-to-air television and on pay television or cable, in addition to free streaming platforms in many cases

In order to Spain, and to follow everything online, we have several options. First of all, the on-demand content platform, which has applications for iOS and Android, and the website of the main Mediaset chain, Both will offer all 64 games on-line and live, in addition to a la carte. To follow up-to-the-minute information on everything that happens, it is also a good idea to download the Mediaset Sport application and, again, to follow the World Cup matches live, download the special application Mediaset FIFA World Cup, also available for iOS and Android.

In the case of MexicoTelevisa is the audiovisual group that has the rights to broadcast this important football competition and will broadcast about thirty games on the Internet. To be able to follow them, simply download their sports applications for iOS and Android or access their website. We can also consider the alternative option of trying services such as Sky or DirecTV, which also are also present in other countries.

In Spain the Mediaset group has the rights, in Mexico Televisa has them and in Argentina both Public TV and TyC Sports, among others; Platforms such as DirecTV also offer World Cup matches in various countries

On Argentina, and as we said before, the rights are owned by TV Pública and TyC Sports. Part of the 2018 World Cup matches in Russia can be seen through the official website of Public TV, taking into account that the network has the rights for all matches of the national team. Through the TyC Sports channel and its site on-line The 32 matches that are given live and open in Argentina can also be followed. This service also has the TyC Sports Play application for iOS and Android that includes support for Chromecast.

As in the case of Mexico and many Latin American countriesIt is again a good idea to take a look at what DirecTV and its DirecTV Play platform can offer us to enjoy the Soccer World Cup.

And two alternatives: Google and Twitter

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Although you already know that if you cannot watch the games through television you can listen to them through any major radio, you should also know that Google and Twitter They will pay special attention to everything that happens in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In the case of Google, the search engine will offer you on its home page all the matches and results without you needing to access a specific website. You will simply have to search for a term or expression related to the competition, such as “World Cup”, and a special module will inform you about the scheduled matches and the results of those already played.

In addition, through tabs, you can also access news, rankings, as well as details about the players or matchmaking.

Google and Twitter will pay special attention to the 2018 World Cup in Russia

On the other hand, Twitter just announce changes at the time of inform your users about events of global interest. From now on, the San Francisco-based company will begin to notify its users when events that may interest them are taking place, such as the Soccer World Cup or an election. That includes, of course, the World Cup in Russia.

In addition, as we can see in the image above, it will dedicate more space to these events in the searches of the platform. In the sections on one of these events you will see a selection of tweets, images and videos chosen by both humans and computer algorithms.

Finally, it should be remembered that through the FIFA website, fans will also be able to keep you up to date with everything that happens in the Russia World Cup 2018. In it we will find news, results, upcoming meetings and even broadcasts in streaming of this important sports competition.

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