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Huawei patents three new mobiles that fold on their sides

27 mayo, 2021

Huawei has been, along with Samsung with its Galaxy Fold, one of the first firms to put on the table a presumably marketable folding smartphone, the Huawei Mate X. Despite the problems that arose with the Fold, and the small delay that it will suffer the arrival of Mate X, the Chinese firm continues to work on new folding concepts, as his latest patent shows us.

In this case, the proposal lets us see a double folding system, in which we would have a large panel once the phone has been deployed. While this is folded, the size and shape is more similar to that of a classic smartphone, with the peculiarity that the panel would be present even on its sides.

Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: comparison between the first folding smartphones

Double folding and portable stand mode

Patented Huawei Phones

As we read in Letsgodigital, the solution patented by Huawei puts on the table a double folding concept. Currently, the Huawei Mate X folds in half, right from the center of the device. In this new patent, the device would be folded on both sides. This type of folding opens several fronts, and is that Huawei has patented up to three proposals, which show different types of folding and unfolding modes.

Side folding opens up three new fronts to smartphone use: phone, tablet and desktop mode

The first would be the one of deployed, in which it would be appreciated whole screen extended, displaying the maximum content. This mode is accessed by displaying both sides of the device, and the interface would adapt to show us the content in the most appropriate way.

The second position would be the smartphone. Folding both sides of the device towards the back of it, we would be left with the main screen on the front. The interface would have to adapt again, to show us the content as in a mobile to use.

Patent desktop mode Side folding opens the doors to desktop mode.

The third mode, and one of the most curious, is a “desktop mode”, through which we would fold the phone on one side, and unfold it on the other. In this way, the phone itself would serve as a support for the side that we have deployed.

As for the proprietary terminal designs themselves, one of them has camera sensors under the screen, while the other two keep them in the upper frame, as is customary in common phones. Firms like OPPO or Xiaomi have already shown their solutions to hide the sensors under the panel, so we should start to see these technologies in the not too distant future.

Huawei Patent

As we anticipated a few lines above, depending on the type of fold or unfolding, the interface would adapt, but the patent includes something that we had not seen to date: the ability for the pleats to act as independent panels. For example, if we have the mobile in “desktop mode”, we will only use one of the deployed sides as a panel, so this would act as the main panel, and the center panel, be disabled, or act as a trackpad.

Patents, patents are, and as usual, nothing does not guarantee that these concepts will materialize. However, with them, Huawei’s interest in this type of terminal is once again shown, which continues to be presented as the best alternative in the future, according to its manufacturers.

Via | Letsgodigital