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I don’t have Enie, symbols on hand for when you need them

27 mayo, 2021

Sometimes we need to use strange symbols in our texts like ß. The reasons are irrelevant, but the point is that sometimes we need those symbols and many of us don’t even know the keyboard combination (in Ubuntu for example it would be AltGr + S) we do not want to use the character map and start looking there.

For those cases it is I don’t have Enie. It is a website that has the most common symbols (and some not as common as ∂) at the click of a button. We enter, click and we can paste the symbol in the text box that we want. They also have a Web adapted to put it in the bookmarks bar of our browser, selecting what we want to open in the sidebar (For Opera or Firefox this option is not even painted).

The pity is that the Web for the sidebar is a bit complicated, having the same mechanism as TwitterKeys: we will have to copy and paste the symbol manually. But it doesn’t hurt to have the Web handy in case we ever need those kinds of symbols. Of course, it does not seem to work quite well in some browsers (in Firefox 8, for example, it works wonderfully).

Official site | I don’t have Enie