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If you are looking for the perfect wallpaper, take a look at the minimalist backgrounds of Simple Desktops

27 mayo, 2021

After a short pause in our section of the perfect wallpaper, we have returned to recommend a site of those that is quite old, but good, and that perhaps many of you did not know in its beginnings.

Simple Desktops is a small web of wallpapers that has been online for more than a decade and counting. For years it has been one of the favorites of this server, and despite serving a rather small niche of users it has not fallen into abandonment.

Untitled 1 03 01 Simple Desktops

As the name implies, simplicity is the foundation of everything they post, and so is the entire page style. There you will only find the minimum: a small navigation section at the top and the images.

If you are looking for the perfect wallpaper you can take a walk through the photo gallery of @fiftyfootshadow

All funds in Simple Desktops are 2880 by 1800 px minimalist artwork, enough for high resolutions, although not for 4K, although if you want to enlarge them you can always take advantage of something like Waifu2d.

Nessimpledesktop V01 1800 Simple Desktops

In Simple Desktops they add new wallpapers constantly, and their gallery is a visual pleasure for lovers of minimalism and decorating your desk with simple but pretty pictures.

This is not an aggregator of how much background appears on the web, it is a site curated by hand, with original content that often comes from collaborations to which anyone can contribute as long as they follow the rules:

  • No gradients
  • No parallel leftovers
  • No lens flare
  • No words
  • No watermark
  • PNG format and RGB color profile

If you want to receive notifications of their latest wallpapers, you can follow on twitter.