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If you change your username, Instagram will “block” it for 14 days to prevent it from being stolen by a bot

27 mayo, 2021

If you are here today, May 19, it is because you have fallen for the Instagram name change blocking joke. At the moment there is no solution, and you will have to wait 14 days to recover your name.

I am going to start this article with a personal anecdote. A few months ago I saw that an Instagram account that I knew had changed its username (the classic change that some people follow to change their username + “official”).

At the time I thought, “does that mean your old username is already available for registration?” Sure enough, I did the test and let me register the username right away, and that the other account had made this modification a few hours ago. With Instant Username Search we can check which usernames are free on the main platforms and social networks.

Hidden in Instagram code

Reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong has rediscovered a hidden functionality in an application. This time it’s about Instagram, and she precisely has found a code which reveals that the platform wants to prevent these “theft” of user names.

As we can see, the social network has incorporated a change through which They will “lock” your user account for fourteen days. Thus, if you change your mind, you will have a chance to get it back.

This new functionality would already be working, and this would allow us (for example) to change our username to give voice to a cause for a few days and then change it back to the original one.

This Instagram account shows us what the real scenes of series and movies are like

And is that There are bots that are responsible for tracking username changes then register the original. This new measure joins those already published by the social network a few months ago, when they announced that they would begin to eliminate false followers, comments and ‘likes’ controlled by third-party apps.