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If you don’t want or can pay for a license, this is the simplest way to get Windows 10 free and legal

23 mayo, 2021

Windows 10 Pro is priced at 259 euros and Windows 10 Home costs 145 euros. Free upgrade offer ended many months ago, and yet many users were able to keep updating without problem.

In fact, a new installation of Windows 10 Creators Update can still be activated with a Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1 license. But of course, the detail is that you have to have the license of any of those systems. Here is the solution for those who want to install Windows 10 for free and also legal: be a Microsoft beta tester.

If you join the Microsoft Insider program your copy of Windows 10 automatically becomes legal. In effect, you are going to be testing the system together with hundreds of thousands of other users, to help those from Redmond in the development, and for this you do not need to pay (it would be the last straw).


How to join the Insider program

windows 10 insider

Joining is extremely easy. First download and install Windows 10 on the computer where you want to use it. You can do both without having a license. On the Microsoft website you can download the system, and simply skip the step to enter the license when you install it.

Once in Windows 10 open the configuration panel by pressing the Windows key + I. Click on Update and security. Then select Windows Insider Program in the menu on the left, and finally click on Begin to start getting Insider builds.

It’s the same process we explained when we told you how to install Windows 10 on a virtual machine and join it with the Insider program to try the new before anyone else.

The good and bad

The good thing is that you have a perfectly legal copy of Windows 10 without ever paying for a license. You only need to have a Microsoft account to associate with your Insider profile.

What’s more you will be receiving the news that will reach the stable versions of Windows 10 before other users. The bad, just that. You will be a Microsoft guinea pig, and you will be using unstable versions of the system, although this is quite relative and many do not have any problems, if they exist.

Insider Windows 10 Free

At the same time it is not a “permanent license”, but as a loan, it is an appraisal copy. You will always see a notice on the desktop with the version number of the system, something that can be quite annoying for the most obsessive. Also, it does not apply to other machines where you have Windows 10, your Insider license does not give you permission to use stable Windows 10, you will be an Insider for life.

If taking all this into account, it does not bother you, then join the program. Of course, ideally do it in the slow ring (postponed or release preview) so that you receive the most stable versions of development.

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