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If your mobile does not have a notification LED, NotifyBuddy creates a virtual one on the screen

26 mayo, 2021

The Notification LED It is one of those mobile functions that Android mobiles had years ago and that are gradually disappearing. It can still be found in a handful of mobiles, but with the continued expansion of the screens on the front of the terminals, its future is quite uncertain.

It is precisely the disappearance of the notification LED on the OnePlus 6T that is the reason for the existence of NotifyBuddy: an app that simulates the notification LED on AMOLED screens such as that of the aforementioned terminal. It is a free app, available on Google Play and that rescues functionality from the past by integrating it, of course, on the screen.

Give him the permissions

NotifyBuddy is an extremely simple and to the point application. The first time you open it, it asks you to grant it permission to access notifications. It is mandatory, as it is necessary for the application to know which apps have received a notification and to show the “LED” superimposed on the screen.


To grant the permission in question, tap on Grant and then flip the switch next to NotifyBuddy. Android will then notify you that the app will be able to read the notifications.

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Set the LED

NotifyBuddy does not activate with all notifications, but it is you who must choose which apps you want to activate the notification LED. This is carried out in the list of apps, where you must activate the switch of those that you want to turn on the light bulb.


If you wish, by tapping on the name of a specific application you can choose LED color with the color picker. Since this time the LED is really the screen of your mobile, you are free to choose any color you want.

It is done

Now you just have to wait. Keep in mind that what this application does is show a black screen on which the “LED light” generated on the screen is superimposed, so that It is designed for mobile phones with an AMOLED screen to avoid excessive battery consumption of keeping the screen on.

Its author gives additional indications in XDA that you should deactivate the Ambient Display / AOD mode of the mobile as well as any type of battery optimization applied to the app. For the rest, you can see how it works in the previous video.

NotifyBuddy - AMOLED Notification Light

NotifyBuddy – AMOLED Notification Light