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26 mayo, 2021 is an indispensable tool for any designer. It allows us to know the exact color code of an image, that simple but effective. If by any chance we need to copy the color of a photograph, we only need to enter, upload the image and it will show us the HEX code that we must use to have the exact same color.

The service is free and very easy to use. Once the image is uploaded, it will show us the colors that make up the photograph, and only by hovering over it will show us the hexadecimal code (HEX). Among its other characteristics, it allows us extract the color palette and download it in .ACO format for use directly in Photoshop.


Of course, in some applications we will not be able to use the HEX code, in these cases we will need the RGB combination. From the online tool Hex to RGB we can convert the HEX code to RGB in a matter of seconds, an instant solution that will help us get out of the way without installing any additional application on our computer.

The result after testing is really good and accurateAlthough if you prefer to opt for a desktop application, an alternative to consider will be ColorPic, a tool that directly offers us the HEX code and the RGB combination of the colors of an image. Of course, we can directly choose to use a professional editing program, such as Photoshop or GIMP, which will allow us to obtain these codes in seconds, but it is always interesting to know lighter options.

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