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Immunet Protect 3.0, with integrated Clam AV as virus engine

27 mayo, 2021

When we made the voting proposals for the best free antivirus of the year, one of the proposals we had was Clam AV, an alternative available for Windows, Linux and Mac. If we want to use this antivirus on our Windows systems, a more comfortable solution to use is to do it with Immunet Protect 3.0, with Clam AV as virus detection engine in addition to the online protection of Immunet.

With the purchase of Immunet by SourceFire at the beginning of the year that already owned Clam AV, the integration between the two tools would not be long in coming. After all, one had what the other lacked. Clam AV would be integrated as the detection engine to have offline protection. For its part, Clam gained a more modern interface, which allowed its use in a more comfortable and simple way for the user.


Immunet detection levels

Installation of Immunet Protect 3.0 is done in a couple of steps. The process may be a bit slow but it does not require attention from the user. With the default configuration, the only thing that I had to modify is the option of notifications that are certainly a bit annoying, especially at the beginning. Touch check that all signature engines are activated, since in addition to Clam AV, we have two more engines that work only online.

Immunet 3.0 Configuration

These signature files in the cloud In this sense, the concept is similar to that used by Panda Cloud, also using the concept of social intelligence to gradually add them to its signature file once they have been detected, depending on the viruses that are detected. In this way we have protection in real time, without depending on the signature file downloaded, usually from the previous day, as in traditional antivirus.

Regarding screening tests The truth is that it has worked quite well, both neutralizing the viruses that we have put on it, and passing the Eicar test, without major setbacks. The same viruses with which we tested Panda Cloud or Avira have also been detected by Immunet. The elimination of the virus occurs instantaneously, not allowing it to be decompressed so that it does not damage the computer.

Performance and Computer Scan Settings

Regarding the possibility of reviewing the equipment we have several options. Starting with a quick scan that looks for viruses in the most favorable parts of the system for them to be installed. In this case it is really fast. We can also review the parts of the system that interest us, certain folders or hard drives, etc. Finally we have the option of a complete search of the entire system.

The full review does not take long with the default settings, although this comes at the cost of a somewhat high resource consumption, especially with regard to the CPU of the team. While antivirus such as Panda Cloud on the same computer reached 60% during the scan, Immunet can reach up to 80% in its use of the CPU.

Immunet System Review

During his normal operation behaves correctly without consuming too many resources or cluttering the system. We can also schedule the review of the system, since it allows us to program the scans in a personalized way. In this way we have the option of dividing the review of the complete system into different parts so that it can be carried out weekly.


The truth is that after evaluating the antivirus for a few days I have the feeling that we have another option to use on our computers. A bet that adds two antivirus or protection options such as Immunet and Clam AV that separately were not at the height of the rest of the free options, but that with their union they configure a very complete antivirus in its functionality and level of detection.

Perhaps as unique but we could put that it consumes too many resources during its search for viruses in the system, but on the contrary we have a high protection, adding the cloud benefits as a method of always having updated signature files and traditional antivirus which represents the Clam AV engine for times when we don’t have an internet connection.

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