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in-depth guide and tips to get the most out of it

21 mayo, 2021

For a few years, WhatsApp, in addition to its mobile application, has allowed us to communicate through the PC, regardless of the operating system we use on it. WhatsApp Web is the messaging service desktop client, a tool that makes it possible to be aware of the messaging application without having to look at the mobile.

In this guide we are going to cover from the most basic to the most advanced WhatsApp Web, so that whether you have used this service or if it is your first time you can end up completely dominating it in a matter of minutes. We will go over everything from how to use WhatsApp Web on a PC to reading messages without them knowing it, among other tips and tricks.

How to use WhatsApp Web on your computer

WhatsApp Web Computer

One of the main uses of WhatsApp Web is to configure it on our computer, so that we do not have to keep an eye on the mobile on our day. Here we have two main ways to work with it. The first is to do it through the web version of WhatsApp, the page. If you want to access WhatsApp web from your PC, these are the steps to follow:

  • Open WhatsApp Web on your computer
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Click on the menu and go to WhatsApp Web
  • Scan the QR code you see on your computer screen
Whatsapp Web

Clever. After scanning the code a WhatsApp Web session will be started that will allow you to use the service. It is important to note that the connection to WhatsApp Web depends on your mobile, so if your phone loses the network, the session will be closed from the PC. You should also keep in mind that if your phone is low on battery, you can disconnect the session, a point that should be taken into account.

If you want to use WhatsApp on PC without going through the browser, the application offers the same functions and a somewhat more successful user experience

The other way to use WhatsApp on your computer is through the official application for your corresponding platform. In the case of macOS and Windows we find WhatsApp clients, so just download them.

WhatsApp application The WhatsApp application is practically identical to WhatsApp Web, except that it works better, as it is an application specially designed for a computer and not just a website.

About Whatsapp for pc we find the same functions as in WhatsApp Web. Its main advantage is that it does not require a browser to run like any other application and that we can configure it to start when we turn on the computer, so we save ourselves from opening a browser and accessing WhatsApp Web.

Once we have configured these programs, when we open them the session will be started, as in WhatsApp Web. We will only have to log in again using a QR code if we change devices or if we close the session manually.

How to use WhatsApp Web on a tablet

Whatsapp On Tablet

If we use a tablet the process to log into WhatsApp web it is quite similar to doing it on a PC. The main limitation that we will find is that, probably, our browser is configured for the mobile version, so it is enough to change this.

  • Access your usual browser
  • Activate desktop mode
  • Carry out the same process as above, scanning the QR code that WhatsApp Web throws on your tablet from your mobile

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With this small change we make the browser understand that we are using a computer, so we can use WhatsApp Web on the tablet, as if it were a PC. Keep in mind that this version is designed for PC and not for tablet, so it may not be all perfect at the interface level with respect to the computer.

How to use WhatsApp Web on mobile

WhatsApp on mobile

Using WhatsApp Web on mobile is also possible, although a secondary terminal will be necessary to be able to carry out the process, since it is not possible to use the WhatsApp application and WhatsApp Web simultaneously. If we try to scan the WhatsApp Web BIDI from our own phone, we will be returned to the Android application.

Thus, the process to use WhatsApp Web from a mobile phone is similar to the previous ones, although with the addition of the second phone.

  • Open WhatsApp Web in your secondary mobile
  • Activate the desktop mode of the browser
  • Scan the code from your main phone (in which you have the WhatsApp application installed)
  • Now you will have WhatsApp Web fully functional on the second mobile and running via the app on the main one

As you can see, this is a way to have two WhatsApp sessions open, with the same number and on two different mobiles. WhatsApp Web is not specially optimized for mobiles, but it is functional.

What you can and cannot do on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is quite complete at the level of functionalities and we can perform the main functions of WhatsApp like sending and receiving messages, voice memos, consulting multimedia files and more. However, there is a list to keep in mind with certain functions that we cannot perform.

  • Add filters to photos
  • Share location
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Configure privacy section
  • Set phone number change
  • Set up automatic downloads
  • Check data usage
  • Upload stories
  • Add contacts
  • Create broadcasts

In case you use WhatsApp Web on a mobile the functions are the same, although you have to bear in mind that the service is not optimized for this format, so it can work somewhat slow and is somewhat uncomfortable.

However, using Android permissions we can send files, messages, voice notes and others, just as if we did it from the web on PC or from the WhatsApp application for PC itself.

WhatsApp Web vs WhatsApp: what can and cannot be done on the web compared to mobile

Tricks for WhatsApp Web

Viewed how to use WhatsApp Web and given a review of its main functions, we are going to review some tricks so you can start to squeeze it to the fullest, since there are several shortcuts and secrets that it does not hurt to know.

Check the sessions that are started

Sessions On WhatsApp Web

One of the first steps to take when we start using WhatsApp Web is control the number of sessions that are active. We can check this from ‘WhatsApp Web’ in the WhatsApp settings for Android. If we have logged into Android it will appear that we have logged in from Linux.

From this section we can close all sessions so that it is necessary to re-scan the code

It’s important to put attention on only one active WhatsApp Web session can be taken into account, so if you open a new session in another browser or device, the one you have previously open will be closed. From this section we can close all sessions, so that it is again mandatory to enter the code when logging in.

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Keyboard shortcuts


WhatsApp Web has various keyboard shortcuts so that you can navigate the application more quickly. Specifically, this is the list of available shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + N: New chat.
  • Ctrl + Shift +]: Next chat.
  • Ctrl + Shift +[[: Previous chat.
  • Ctrl + E: Archive the conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute the conversation.
  • Ctrl + Backspace: Delete the conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new group.
  • Ctrl + P: Open the profile.
  • Alt + F4: Close the chat window.

Attach files

Whatsapp files

Attaching files in WhatsApp Web is quite similar to the same system that we find in Android, except that we cannot share our location or audios (although not voice notes). This results in we have four possibilities in the attachments section.

  • Attach photos and videos from your PC’s file explorer
  • Open your PC camera to take and send a photo
  • Send documents from file explorer
  • Send contacts

Read messages without them knowing

Image 2020 02 19 19 03 42

A “ninja” trick for read messages on WhatsApp Web without leaving a trace is to leave the mouse just above the message that they have just sent us. Thus, a small preview of it will be generated and, if you have the double blue check active, it will not appear to the other person that you have seen said message, since you have not entered the conversation.

Use multiple accounts

Incognito mode

In the event that you have more than one phone number, you may ask yourself how to start two different sessions on WhatsApp Web taking into account that the application is not multi-account. The simplest solution here is open an incognito window in your browser to be able to perform the login process again.

Send emojis quickly

Image 2020 02 19 18 49 59

One of the most useful tricks for WhatsApp Web is to control quick search for emojis. The web service offers different emoji suggestions when we write a word that is preceded by a colon.

Transfer files from mobile to pc

WhatsApp is far from Telegram when it comes to using it as its own cloud, but with enough ingenuity, we can use it this way. We have nothing but make a group and stay alone in it, add to any contact and remove it from the group. Thus you will have a chat with yourself in which you can send files and others.

If you send a file from your PC to your WhatsApp group, you will be able to view it and save it later on your phone. The same process works in reverse

The files you send to WhatsApp Web can be seen and saved on your mobile and vice versa, so it is a good method to transfer files between mobile and PC quickly.

Create a shortcut

Image 2020 02 19 21 42 10

If you use WhatsApp Web on your mobile or tablet on a regular basis, it can be a hassle to be constantly accessing the web, so create a shortcut To have WhatsApp Web in the launcher may be a good idea.

You only have open browser, go to address and add to home screen. As it is not a progressive web application, you will not confuse the icon with the WhatsApp application, since the icon that appears will be based on your browser.