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in-depth guide to the complete Android emulator for PC

25 mayo, 2021

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for PC, if not the most. It is something like having a virtual mobile or tablet on your PC, so that you can play mobile games from the PC, using the keyboard and mouse.

BlueStacks specializes in games, including several added benefits such as the ability to open multiple games at the same time, as well as a complete configuration of the controls. Here we will see how you can start using and get the most out of this Android emulator for Windows and Mac.

Download BlueStacks


The easiest and safest way to download BlueStacks is from its official website. A green button is prominently displayed there. Download BlueStacks, that without intermediate steps or stories begins the download of the appropriate file for your operating system.

The BlueStacks minimum requirements they are not elevated. Windows requires Windows 7 or higher, 4 GB of RAM and 5 GB of hard disk. On Mac it requires Mac OS Sierra (10.12) or higher, 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of hard disk. Obviously, the more powerful your PC is, the better, as you will get a better performance in games and, therefore, a smoother experience in them.

Install BlueStacks


From the BlueStacks website you will get the installer, which you can start just like any other application: with a double click. The installer is very simple and it has no cheat or cardboard. Press Install Now and the download will begin first, approximately 500 MB, to continue the installation.

A big advantage of BlueStacks is that comes with Google Play out of the box, so you can download games and applications directly from the Google store. To use it you need to log in with a Google account. This step is optional, as there are other ways to install applications, as we will see below.


Install apps and games

From the factory BlueStacks comes empty except for the browser, the application to view the files and little else. There is no game installed, but you can fix that quickly. Basically there are three ways to install apps and games on BlueStacks.

The traditional one is the same as in an Android mobile: from Google Play. To do this you need to be logged in with your Google account, but otherwise it is just as easy as always: you search for an application and install it. This mode has the advantage that Google Play will only show you compatible applications and that, a priori, should work well in the emulator.


BlueStacks also includes its own App Center, which is something like a directory, listing and top-ten of the applications and games on BlueStacks. Accessible from the Home tab (at the bottom), it is another way to find and install applications and games, although keep in mind that in some cases the download will take you to Google Play. That is, you will also need to log in with a Google account.

App Center

Lastly, you can also install apps from APK files. In fact, after installing BlueStacks on the PC, the APK files will be automatically associated with BlueStacks. This means that starting the installation is as easy as double-clicking on one of these files.


Keep in mind, yes, that APK files must be compatible with the emulator. They need to have x86 architecture and be compatible with the background Android version used by BlueStacks. BlueStacks 4.0 is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

Adjust the controls

After installing games and applications, opening them is as simple as clicking their corresponding icons on the Home tab. The main problem with playing mobile games on PC is that, normally, you cannot use the touch controls like on mobile. The good news is that BlueStacks comes preconfigured controls for many popular games from the factory.

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If you plan to play PUBG or any other minimally popular game on BlueStacks, its controls are more than likely already preconfigured. You will know it because the light bulb icon is clickable and when you press it, it appears a window that summarizes the controls.


The preconfigured controls are usually more than enough, but you are always free to customize or adjust them. Also, you may come across games that are not preconfigured. Then you will have to create the configuration.

Configure game controls it’s not tremendously difficultAlthough it will require a lot of trial and error. Basically, BlueStacks provides you with ten controls that you can place on the screen so that they touch or do different actions with the press of a key (or with the mouse).


That is, if in a game it is necessary to press on a specific part of the screen to shoot, you drag the control Touch the point to that location and assign it a keyboard key or mouse click. BlueStacks too is compatible with remote controls connected to the PC.

Open multiple games at the same time

One of the advantages of BlueStacks is the possibility of creating several instances, thus being able to open multiple games at the same time. To do this you must use the button Multiple instance manager and create “another BlueStacks”. By having several BlueStacks, you can open different games and applications in each one.


Creating a new instance is pretty easy. You can create it from scratch or cloning an instance that already exists (that is, with the same games and data inside). You can assign a certain number of cores and memory to each of these instances.


Translate texts in games

If you are fond of games in languages ​​that you do not know, this interests you. BlueStacks includes a text translator for games. To use it you must press Control + Shift + L to open a screenshot of the current game.


This screenshot includes the translated texts overlaid on the originals, trying to imitate their format. The result is not perfect, but it can help you get an idea of ​​what is happening in the game.

Record your games

How could it be otherwise, it is possible record your gaming sessions directly with BlueStacks. It is done with the push of a button on the toolbar, although the recorder does not come pre-installed with BlueStacks. That is, the first time you press the button, you must install the function (although it installs in a matter of seconds).


Advanced Options

BlueStacks works perfectly as it is installed, but you are always free to go to the options to configure some additional aspects. For example, if you have a particularly powerful PC you can go to the Engine section to increase FPS or allocate more cores and memory to the emulator.


BlueStacks uses a heavily modified – and trimmed – version of Android, but it’s still Android. As such, it has the whole vine android settings menua, which you can access from the Home tab, by clicking on More applications and then on the Settings icon.

Android Options

From the Android settings you can check the installed applications, accounts and languages ​​or modify the system date and time, among other settings. It is not the complete list of settings that you would find in a current mobile or tablet, but something is something.