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In Google Images it is now easier to find an image for free use or to know if it has copyright

26 mayo, 2021

Google images It is one of the most used services within the Google search engine, but it has always been surrounded by a lot of controversy, and not for nothing did the search engine spend years in legal disputes for being accused of “promoting piracy”.

The image search engine has changed a lot over time, it was only in 2018 that they removed the “view image” button after its conflict with Getty, and now they are making more changes to avoid a little more the unauthorized use of images with rights, or make it easier to find images free of these.


Search by license types and identification tags


So far, when using Google Images and reviewing the results we could filter by rights of use in various ways– Unfiltered by license, tagged for reuse with modifications, tagged for reuse, commercial reuse, or with modifications.

Seven alternatives to Google Images

With these changes those options have been simplified only: Creative Commons licenses, and Commercial licenses and other licenses. Selecting the first option takes us to the list of images for free use, although obviously you have to check the type of license to know whether or not they need attribution and other details.

License Details

New license labels and license information in the image

The second takes us to the results of images that have copyright and you are also have a new label that says “Licensed”. If we click on the images we will now also see a link that says “License details” that takes us to the source website where the license agreement for that image is detailed.

These changes were made by Google in collaboration with various stock image providers and digital content associations, for other creators who want to take advantage of these new features as well, Google offers more information on its Webmaster blog.