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In this Google Maps map you can see the evolution of snow removal in Madrid

25 mayo, 2021

The storm Filomena It has brought a record-breaking cold and snow storm to the Iberian Peninsula, which has inevitably caused the blocking of many roads and the temporary cessation of various means of public transport.

In Madrid, snow cleaning services and 135 snow plows work piecemeal to clear snow from streets and districts, and an easy way to keep up with which streets are already snow-free, according to Madrid City Council itself, is through a map of the state of snow clearance created with the help of Google My Maps.

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The streets without snow, in Google Maps

While the device of 6220 people and 135 snowplows works to unblock the streets of Madrid from snow, it is difficult to follow the evolution, given that there are more than one hundred streets spread over the 21 districts of the capital. Luckily there is a visual and faster way to follow the progress of cleaning: on Google Maps.

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This time it is not about a new layer, such as that of COVID-19, coordinated by Google and incorporated directly into Google Maps, but about a personalized map created by the Madrid City Council


The map, created yesterday, is described as “Control of vials. Exclusive use of municipal services of the Ayta de Madrid”, although it already adds more than 2 million views and it is public. That is, anyone can consult it from the PC or mobile, from this link.

The map includes blue lines on the streets where the snow has cleared and, although we do not know how many times it has been updated or how often, it has been completed over the last few hours, covering a large part of the capital in blue.

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