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Infowars will pay $ 15,000 to the creator of Pepe the frog

27 mayo, 2021

On other occasions we have already talked about Alex Jones and Infowars, a page known for its intention to spread intentionally false news on the Internet. Their latest controversy has to do with one of the most used memes by the extreme right and racist groups on the Internet: the frog Pepe (Pepe the Frog).

This meme was created in 2005 by Matt Curie, an artist who published some of the first comics of this frog on MySpace. Anyway, this amphibian rose to fame thanks to 4chan users, who found the face that appeared in the last panel of the following comic funny.

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With the passage of time, NBC came to value the figure of the Pepe the frog as a “symbol of white nationalists”, and Platforms like Infowars started selling merchandise from this meme in his web page.

The lawyers initially asked for a much higher amount

Furie sued Infowars for copyright infringement, claiming that he gave Infowars authorization to sell posters with Pepe the frog next to Donald Trump, Alex Jones himself or Milo Yiannopoulos.

Pepe the frog Poster sold by Infowars in which Pepe the frog appears

In fact, Donald Trump himself even published an image on his Instagram account in which he appears right next to the frog Pepe. It was the way to respond to a statement by Hillary Clinton in which he called the followers of the current US president “deplorable”.

The trial was scheduled for July 16 in Los Angeles., but both parties decided to reach an agreement. Matt Furie’s lawyers assured that Infowars will have to pay more than $ 14,000 and that his client will donate $ 1,000 to Save the Frogs (an organization dedicated to the conservation of this amphibian).

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Indeed, Infowars published an article in which they talk about this economic agreement, in which they seem to brag that it’s a small amount of money compared to the two million dollars that Furie’s lawyers were initially asking for.

“The judge in the case ruled that Furie was not expected to get anything more than $ 14,000, so Furie’s attorneys sought a settlement of only $ 15,000.”