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Instagram Direct allows you to delete messages from the recipient’s mobile

26 mayo, 2021

When they introduced Instagram Direct, I personally was seeing it as the answer to Twitter’s DM sending of images. But it seems the service they were looking to compete with, really, was Snapchat with its ephemeral image messaging service.

In fact, something that they did not advertise very well when they presented the service is that whoever sends a private image or video via Instagram Direct you can delete it at any time from the receiver’s phoneeven while you are viewing it. In fact, recipients cannot delete an image, but only hide it from their own inbox.


It doesn’t seem to offer protection against screenshots (or a warning like Snapchat’s), though. And even if it did offer it, nothing would prevent a user from taking a picture with another device and keeping a copy (at a lower quality, of course) of the image. Common sense must continue to guide us When using this type of service: better not to send illegal content, even if it is private and we have control of its elimination.

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