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Instagram finally allows you to share the publications of others in your Stories

22 mayo, 2021

Instagram has published an entry to announce that a new functionality comes to the application: a button that allows you to share posts from other users in your Stories.

Makes all the sense, since until now it seemed that publications and Stories were two things that were not part of the same tool.

What Instagram does not make clear is if we can share our own posts in the Stories. Many people publish a Story saying “new post” every time they post something in the feed, since in theory that makes the algorithm take your new post more into account.

How to share posts in your Stories

To share a publication in your Stories you will simply have to go to that specific publication and click on the paper plane that appears below.

A list with your contacts will open, and at the top it will now appear “create a story with this post”. When doing so, the Stories publication window will appear, and we will be able to draw, add text, etc.

In this way, no need to take screenshots anymore and then publish them in Stories, a very common practice on the platform.

If you are a person concerned with privacy and you do not want other users to share your publications in their Stories, you can deactivate this option:

Settings> Stories Controls> Shared Content> Allow Sharing


This functionality will be available starting today for Android users and Instagram assures that it will come to iOS “in the next few days.”

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