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Instagram finally brings horizontal videos to IGTV: welcome, creative freedom

27 mayo, 2021

For many years, on the Internet, it was fashionable to criticize video vertically. At one point, many, including myself, came to criticize it irrationally, without considering that in certain contexts, it could offer certain advantages over the horizontal. With the emergence or “inspiration” of the Stories of Instagram in those of Snapchat, the debate ended and vertical video became king.

So much so, that in IGTV, its platform or section dedicated to longer videos, until now Instagram only allowed vertical videos, which was a challenge for its content creators. However, big changes are coming, because as the company reports on its blog, horizontal video reaches IGTV, which It is a radical change in a platform that seemed like it was going to bet everything on the vertical path that was already triumphing among the public.

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Instagram says creators want horizontal video on IGTV

Instagram Igtv That’s how IGTV has been until now.

To justify the changes that are taking place in IGTV, among which this adoption of horizontal video stands out, from Instagram they affirm that “have heard that creators want to upload horizontal videos to IGTV “In the same way, “they have heard that users find horizontal videos on IGTV, but they want to see them in a more natural way.”

“In the end, our vision is to make IGTV a great destination for good content regardless of how it’s recorded, so creators can express themselves however they want“, emphasizes the company, which compares this change with the one they made in 2015 to allow photos that were not exclusively square.

With this decision, Instagram opens the door for creators not to have to make content or exclusive or cut in proportions, but to upload the same content to IGTV as to YouTube

What we always ask ourselves in these cases is why limit the possibilities so much based on what is often nothing more than a fad, as, after its period of brutal reception of criticism, it has ended up being vertical video. It was not about doing everything in that format, but at least allowing users to express themselves that way as well (something that smartphone screen formats have undoubtedly helped “.

It is not clear why it was necessary to give up other types of content, and it is Instagram itself that recognizes that in horizontal format the experience is better in dance and sports, which usually require a lot of people in each shot. This is the second big news from IGTV this week, because we have also learned that now it will be much more like TikTok.